Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Living

It was still a Hari Raya hoilday mood and i spent a lot of my holiday at home and surfing internet day and night.  I just visit few friends home because almost all my friends going back to their lovely village. I receive an email forwarded by my friend and it make me thinking for a while and start realized where i was stand for now and which directions i should go for my future.

By going through this email, i ask my self what is living and i live for whom? We woke up every morning and
get ready for our daily job with a hope at the end of the months we get paid. For those running business , every moment thinking how to expand the business and get more profit. We always thinking that the way of we are living now is very difficult and hope for the wind of change to have batter life. Have you ever look back what happening for others life. Some motivator told us, look forward and do not look back. The questions now is, how you can  determine the way you living right now if didn't look back? How do we know what is the differences and improvement that we had done so far to catch our dream or future. 

These photos dictate the lives of poorest Chinese nowadays. Do take a deep breath and be grateful of what we have.

1.             男兒一跪仍英雄!!!!!!This man was still a hero even dropped to his knees.

He was a Tibetan transportation soldier. His medals told of his contributions to his country. But he kneeled for forgiven at his wife's grave for not able to be by her side when she died on a difficult delivery. 

2.             相信大家都有過類似的情況,你會怎麼做呢?像她們嗎?無動於衷?I believe everyone had been in this situation before, what you would have done? Like them? Untouched?

3.             他手裏的吃的你吃過嗎?你會吃嗎?Have you tried the kind of food in his hand? Will you?

4.             看著這張照片你怎麼想的?What will you think after seeing something like this?

5.             為了幾塊錢的生活費 For a few bucks of income.

6.             17歲的礦工,他一次背100多斤的煤走1000多米,一次一塊錢
Seventeen yr-old coal miner, he earned one dollar per trip, transporting more than 100 kati of coal at his back to a thousand metres away on foot.

7.             為了生活,這位老婆婆,用她幾乎沒有力量的身體在.....For living, this old lady exhausted herself...

8.             一位老人獨自抗議先行教育的收費制度 This old man was demonstrating against the tuition fee hike : "No school should be allowed to use the student as a source of incomes. No country would use the students as goods for acquiring the assets."

9.         就是在西安,就是在這個地方有人花了30多萬吃了一頓飯 This is in Xian. Somebody had spent 300 thousand dollars here on one of his meals.

10.         再看看我們的孩子在什麼樣的教室裏上課 Then look at what kind of classrooms our children have.

11.         還記得嗎?這些所謂的明星在做秀烤肉,烤出來的糊肉居然賣了17800 Remember this occassion while the actresses sold these burnt BBQ meat after putting up a show? They ,managed to sell away 17800 sticks.

12.         而在這裏,兩個孩子卻因付不起區區百來元的學費而被迫綴學在家,過早地肩負起了生活的重擔,對他們來說,100多元錢的學 費竟如天文數字 On the contrary, two children were forced to stay out of school for not able to pay few hundreds $ school fees. To them, the figure was astronomical, and they had started working life too hard too young.

13.         就是那張在網上廣泛流傳,引起了無數爭議的照片。我想,這張照片最大的現實意義不在於它揭示了社會巨大的貧富反差,更讓人揪心的還在於--當這兩個孩子長大之後,我們又該用什麼來保證他們所代表的兩個階層的和睦相處?This photo had been circulating on the internet widely. I felt that the significance of it was notj ust showing the big gap of the poorer and richer, but to make one worry about their future confrontation. What could we  do to ensure that when this generation has grown, the conflicts could be avoided.

14.         還有下面這位可憐的賣紅薯的老人,在影響市容和他要活下去之間,我們應該如何選擇呢?
And how about this poor potato seller: how should we choose between allowing them to make a living and decorating for the scene of our cities?

15.         當代縴夫,那能有幾多愛? Modern boat-pulling men, who would spare love for them?

16.         一位因為家境貧困沒有路費,在多次向其鄉政府請求路費無結果後,在兒子犧牲20年後才第一次攢夠錢去陵園探望兒子的母親,這是她第一次來,也許是最後一次了.......
This woman paid her first and may be her last respect to her son after he died in war 20 yrs ago. She had only gathered enough money for coming here despite many attempts to get help for that from a local governor.

17.         老婆,我好著呢,吃的好睡的好,穿的也好。大城市真漂亮……Honey, I am eating well, sleeping well, have nice clothes to wear too. And this big city is really beautiful...

18.         為了能上學,每天去給一家窯廠背磚坯,她每次背16塊,重40斤,走140米 ,只得33厘工錢  Doing it for school fee: Every time she bags 16 pcs of bricks, abt 40 kilo, to walk 140m, she will earn3.3 cents.

19.         最最震撼的呐喊聲,你聽到了麼? The most rocking shout. Did you hear it?
That day, an English teacher came to our town. The first sentence she taught us was: "I want go to school." Did you hear us shouting out loud?
20.         不是我影響市容,是我很餓 Not that I want to tarnish the city image, just that I am really very hungry.


John Zhang said...

Hi, kaitor. I just happened to your blog and happened to see this article. I am from China and right now living in China. I still remembered the first time I saw those photos a couple of years ago in a portal site of China, very impressed but not surprised as those are true in the land. Rich people too rich, poor people too poor. Maybe this is beyond what we can do to change, but we have to remember most of our happiness is based on the bitterness of the last generations. What's living? Take a look at those photos and think about what we got, that's it. Best regards, sincerely. - John

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