Thursday, October 30, 2008

BlogRush Is Shutting Down

I got an email from blogrush today with the subject "BlogRush Is Shutting Down". Then i search in google and find out blog rush really shutting down. I join this blog rush program with hope it will bush my blog traffic. I believe many blogger also used blog rush to increase their bloog traffic. Below is the email i got from blog rush.

After careful consideration, we have decided to shutdown the BlogRush service. If you have the widget code on your blog you will need to remove it.

When BlogRush launched in late-2007 it spread like wildfire all over the Web. Thousands of bloggers were talking about it and the service exploded to become one of the fastest growing free services in the history of the Web. During the first year of the service it successfully served 3.4 Billion blog post headlines and the BlogRush widget could be found on blogs all over the world; even up until the moment we closed down the service.

BlogRush didn't grow without its fair share of problems -- from security issues to abusive users trying to 'game' the system to much lower click-rates than expected. We also had some problems with trying to fairly control the quality of the network, and in the process made many mistakes in deciding what blogs should stay or go. All of these issues, ultimately, limited the service's full potential.

Our team worked very hard to try and build a service that would truly help bloggers of all sizes get free traffic to their blogs. This was our primary focus. Not once did we ever try to monetize the service with ads or anything else. BlogRush never made a single penny in revenue. We wanted to be able to help our users FIRST and then worry about monetizing the service later. Unfortunately, the service didn't work out like we had hoped. (It happens.)

I want to say "Thank You" to all of the great bloggers that at least gave BlogRush a test to see if it would work for them. We sincerely appreciate you giving the service a try.

We have received several offers & inquiries about acquiring BlogRush, but we are choosing not to go that route. While many might think this is crazy, we truly feel it's the 'right' thing to do for our users. Believe it or not, it's not always about the money. In fact, BlogRush will have lost a small fortune when it's all said and done, and it was by choice. There were many things we could have done to monetize the service but we wanted to make sure it was going to benefit our users first.

Last but not least I want to say that I hope the failure of this service doesn't in any way discourage other entrepreneurs from coming up with crazy ideas at 4AM (like I did with this one) and from "going for it" to just try and see if something will work. Without trying there can be no success. And as we all know, ideas are worthless without action. The Web wouldn't be what it is today without entrepreneurs trying all sorts of crazy ideas.

On behalf of the entire BlogRush team, we wish the best of luck to everyone with their own blogs, ideas, and crazy ventures.


John Reese

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Arrested for the murder of her virtual husband

Are you playing online game Maple Story. This story might wire but I really happened. A Japanese piano teacher has been arrested for the murder of her virtual husband after an abrupt but messy online divorce.
The 43-year-old from Kyushu province in southern Japan faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail if she is found guilty of killing off her digital partner. Her killed the husband by hacking the account and destroys the character.
She is accused of hacking into the profile of a 33-year-old office worker from Sapporo 620 miles away, whose avatar on the Maple Story computer game was married to her character until he unexpectedly demanded a divorce.
She confessed to the crime when questioned, allegedly telling police: “I was suddenly divorced, without a word of warning. That made me so angry.”
The woman had not plotted any revenge in the real world, the official said.

Kaitor said: Luckily these women didn’t kill in the real world. This is the first case I heard killing in the digital world will bring you into the prison. Gamers out there be careful and lets take the moral value in this case.

* Did you know… playing games (mostly online game) will generate income for you? One of the ways is create a character and make it stand out with the special ability and here you go.. Sell it. You can generate thousand by handover your character… see, how game world generate income for you.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Use Ubuntu live CD Bbackup your data from Windows

I am windows user, but when come to the edge of point, windows corrupted I will use Ubuntu live cd to backup my data. Ubuntu Live cd really great and easy to use, it just same as windows. Maybe many user out there said Ubuntu is difficult, but believe me it easy as windows, no need command line, everything GUI (graphical user interface). Just try Ubuntu and you will know how easy it is.

Boot Ubuntu Live Cd into your Disc drive, and you will saw the screen as image below.

Select option "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer". Wait for the system to start. After the system start, just go to Places (at the top of your screen) and choose computer from the menu.

This should show you all the drives available in the system, including your Windows drive.

Find the files you want to backup, just click the icon (same as windows). Now its the time to copy your data to external drive such as external hard drive or pen drive. Just plugin the usb abd it will be automatically detect your drive. Copy and paste. Done.

Now you can reformat your local drive and install windows. Download Ubuntu Live CD

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Proton Saga BLM Bodykit Price

I got one question from my blog reader, asking for the price of Proton Saga BLM bodykit. To answer the question, i had do research on the internet and found the cheapest price. Just imagine you only need spend around rm 1100 for full set bodykit. I found this price list at lowyat forum.

1.Front skirt
2.Side skirt
3.Rear skirt
5.Glass Spoiler
Fullset - RM1100

BLM Saga (Modula) FULLSET - PU
1.Front skirt - RM220
2.Side skirt - RM260
3.Rear skirt - RM220

1. Saga BLM (Mugen) - RM170
2. Saga BLM (Lancer)- RM180
3. Saga BLM (R3) - RM180
4.Saga BLM (PU) - RM170

For more information, contact:
Contact : Alex
HP Num : 012 931 8933
Location : SEL/KL

* I still didn't find where is the best place (offer cheap price) for Proton Saga BLM bodykit in Sabah. If you know, please inform me ... TQ

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sun will rise for 36 hours continuously for 36 hrs (1.5 days)

Coming October 17, 2008 the sun will rise continuously for 36 hrs (1.5 days). During this time the US countries will be dark for 1.5 days.
It will convert 3 days into 2 big days. It will happen once in 2400 yrs. We're very lucky to see this. Forward it to all your friends.

Did you guys get this email? One of my friends told me and I try to find more information in the internet. I got many result while using google as search engine. This topic had been discussed actively in the internet. Most of the comment I read, it just a rumor. This rumor appears to have come from India, so it means to say that the sun will rise for 36 hours over India, and the Americas will be dark for the same amount of time. Not that this makes the rumor any less nonsensical. The only way for this rumor to come true would be if the earth stopped rotating. I didn’t believe this rumor because there is no official announcement but if it happen then I will not going to my bed on October 17. I will enjoy the sun rise for 36 hours.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Create partition in Windows Vista.

Here is the method how user can create partition in Windows Vista.

Start>control panel>system and maintenance>administrative tools>computer management>storage>disk management.

Right click on the partition you’d like to modify. Click on Extend Volume or Shrink Volume to extend or shrink the selected partition.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

my opinions on sabahan slang

I was proud that sabahan especially kadazan dusun already shown their improvement in the internet world. If you go to the youtube website and search for dusun songs, there are lots. Not only the song, now you can see more and more sabahan especially Kadazan Dusun Murut (KDM) running a blog. I was take an example inmyu blog links, all of them are sabahan blogger, and I believe it just a little there are still many blogger out there that I cannot list in my blog links.

Some of my reader might not sabahan and saying I’m very stick to our nationality. My answer is, Yes I do BUT I still proud to be Malaysian. I’m not wan to give a political speech here I just want to share something to my blog readers. I had visit somporiding blog today and one of his topic really capture my attention. I believe this is a new born blog because the first post made on Saturday, 30 August 2008.

JANGAN MEROSAKKAN BAHASA ASAL SABAH...!!!! was really made me thinking and asking my self, is that correct? Then I was taken a few moments to thing and trying to get what somporiding said. Yep .. he is correct , we need to educate our people to love and fluent speak Sabahan slang. His idea is really good. Then I came to the second level, how about sabahan slang grammar? We didn’t have any formal education for sabahan slang and it makes people come out with their own sentences either the grammar correct or not. The most important is the “sound” is correct, no matter the spelling is correct or not. In our daily life also, we always use short form or any other alternative to spell the word to be more nice and simple as long other people understand what we are gonna speak. I took an example “want to” become “wanna”, “kau” become “ko”, “okay” becomes “ok”.

saya dapati ada dua blog mau menyesatkan org2 sabah...dan seterusnya seluruh dunia..iaitu, GURANGAK dan DEFOO sebab dorg buat satu slogan sabah iaitu "buli BA kalau kau" tpi sebenarnya mcmni "buli BAH kalau kau" bkn "BA" tapi "BAH" bah...!!!!!! harap faham maksud dan impian org sabah...!!!!

here are some of the controversial tagline, usage of BAH.

Kaitor said:

I didn’t want to stand in any side but what I’m concern is KDM will learn their own language. There is an advantage if you know more than one language but it doesn’t mean we left behind our local language. I didn’t care about the way we spell the words especially when it comes to “sabahan slang” but the younger generation knows their own language. We didn’t have any formal education on it, so it depend on us to use the sabahan slang creatively. Believe me, if there are differences idea, then it will be come as a good point to form or start something to search a path for find an answer solving the problem.

Balajar tokow noh koti mimboros dot Kadazan, Dusun om Murut. Amu nopo moti nga atanus moti iti boros tokow. Yoku nogi nga songulun tanak dusun, om umbalan ko mimboros dusun kumaa tambalut ku momoguno dusun. Sinding dusun ogumo kotulung doho dot mamarati diti boros tokow. Aharap oku dot maid-laid , mumu-gumu sinding tokow mogoi amu olingan iti boros tokow.

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