Friday, August 29, 2008

Funny advertisement

Is hard for you to find girlfriend, try this method make an advertisement. :)
Click picture to enlarge

iklan lawak

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New model from Proton – Proton MSX

I had read in a few blog and forum discuss about this new model from proton, Proton MSX. This design and concept is adapted from Lotus APX. APX stands for "Aluminium Performance Crossover" but MSX I didn’t know?

I’m not an expert talking about car especially when come to the engine performance. I will not talking about the performance about this new proton model car, Proton MSX lets the picture speak by it self.

Here is some of the picture of Proton MSX and Lotus APX. Try to identify the different for this two car model. As I can see, it 100% same but, the different is only the logo. Soon maybe there is more and more people talking about Proton MSX and we will know more about this new car model from proton.










I just wondering how much the price(on the road) of Proton MSX.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The New Millionaires -Gobala Krishnan

Millionaire, waw I love this words :). I believe everyone have a dream to be a millionaire, in this modern world, when you get money, then everything will be easier. Maybe some of you didn’t agree what I had said, but wake up this is the reality of our world today. Some of my friends said, those who rich will richer and those poor will more poor. Before going sleep at night, I usually thinking how can I earn money, because if I just hopeful with my salary, it NOT enough. Everyday life expenses will increase and increase, so there is no option for us, we need struggle to find another way source of income.

I still remember Donald Trumpt answer when a reporter ask him, “what will you do if you lose all your money?”. He answers “I will looking for MLM (multi level marketing)”. Almost all of the audience laugh at him, and with simple words he said “That why I was here and you are there”. Then I start thinking to be success we need a proper planning. How to setup our planning? You can learn it by your own self or learn from the experience who had succeed.

Speaking about The New Millionaires -Gobala Krishnan, he is one of the well known internet marketing in Malaysia. After read his book synopsis, I realize this is a great chance for me to start a steps to be one of the Internet Millionaire. Actually I also love blogging and had run few blog actively but I didn’t put attention to earn money from blogging.

One of the reasons why some internet marketer fails to reach their goal is, they didn’t put effort and attention of what are they doing. Only money and money comes into their mind, but did not look on their strategy. Doing homework like this will help us to track what is our main power and see thing need improvement.
Here is the synopsis of his book, do not forget to get if from bookstore near to you.

Book Synopsis
The New Millionaires by Gobala Krishnan reveals why an increasing number of Malaysians prefer to work from home, make money online and live like millionaires. This book explains the difference between how wealth is made in the 20th century (Old Millionaires), and how technology has enabled a radically new breed of future millionaires (New Millionaires) who lead the new patch to richest in the new millennium.
Among other things, the book explains in details the concepts of online niche marketing residual income, Internet business automation, working from home, and blogging. It also features interviews with successful local Internet entrepreneurs in Malaysia and examples from Gobala’s own Internet businesses.

Book Information
• Author: Gobala Krishnan
• Publisher: True Wealth Publishing
• First Issue: August 2008
• ISBN: 978-983-3364-61-9
• Keywords: Internet marketing, electronic commerce

There will no changers if you only read this book and no action taken, it useless . Try to extract idea while or after reading this book. There is so many thing you can do and become The New Millionaires. www.internetmillionaires.com.my for more info

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Green light to Avril Lavinge

While reading newspaper to this morning, I quite surprise that Malaysian government had give green light to Avril Lavinge for the concert will go on as scheduled on the 29th of August. Malaysian hurry up… do not let this second chance. Do not forget to say tanks to our government, finally they approve Avril Lavinge concert live in Malaysia.


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sorry Avril, you've been cancelled


I was surprise after read that Malaysian government cancelled concert by Canadian rock singer Avril Lavigne. Here is the main reason Avril Lavigne concert cancelled. Kamarulzaman Mohamed, a party youth official, told The Associated Press on Monday that Lavigne's show was "considered too sexy for us" and would promote the wrong values just before independence day.

Malaysia requires all performers to wear clothes without obscene or drug-related images and be covered from the chest to the knees. They must also refrain from jumping, shouting, hugging and kissing on stage. Last year, R&B singer Beyonce moved her show from Malaysia to Indonesia, and Christina Aguilera skipped the country on an Asian tour after a controversy erupted over a dress code for foreign artists.

"We don't want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists that are good role models," But my question, how about Malaysian actors or artist nude pictures or video publish in the internet? You may have a look in this blog, it will open your eyes how our Malaysian actors or artist. Hello … don’t be hypocrite. The more you shackle, our local artist will be wilder. Just wait and see..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

how relationship break

1. Both will think the other is busy.
2. And will not contact thinking it may be disturbing as time passes.
3. Both will think let the other contact .
4. After that each will think why I should contact first ?
5. Here your love will be converted to hate .
6. Finally without contact the memory becomes weak
7. They forget each other.
8. So keep in touch with you love one.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Useful Windows Shortcut Keys - Microsoft Natural Keyboard with IntelliType Software Installed

This list of shortcut keys applies for almost all Windows platform.If you know other keyboard shortcut, please leave your comment. Soon i will post another type of keyboard shortcut.

• Windows Logo+L (Log off Windows)
• Windows Logo+P (Starts Print Manager)
• Windows Logo+C (Opens Control Panel)
• Windows Logo+V (Starts Clipboard)
• Windows Logo+K (Opens Keyboard Properties dialog box)
• Windows Logo+I (Opens Mouse Properties dialog box)
• Windows Logo+A (Starts Accessibility Options (if installed)
• Windows Logo+SPACEBAR (Displays the list of Microsoft IntelliType shortcut keys)
• Windows Logo+S (Toggles CAPS LOCK on and off)

Friday, August 8, 2008

No installation required to use Instant Messaging (IM)

Are you a person who cannot live without Instant Messaging (IM). What would happened if you in a library and wanna chat with your friend thru IM. You cannot simply install this IM application in a library computer. Those who work in office, some company had block for IM application. You cannot install YM or use MSN messenger.

I still remember, our collage had been blocked IM application, argh.. it really terrible. Luckily one of my friends, Joe told me to used meebo. Neh..neh… I can use IM in a browser.

Today I will share a few web offer IM. Just open their page and select which one IM you are going to use.




I hope this post will cheer up your day. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

SIB Sabah Youth Conference (Konfrensi PMM SIB Sabah)

Youths are invited to join this SIB Sabah Youth Conference (Konfrensi PMM SIB Sabah). Details are shown below:

Date: 18 -21st August 2008

Venue: Hongkod KDCA Penampang, Sabah

Fees: RM 45.00 * RM40 (Promotion- Register before 17 August 2008)

Preacher: Ps. Jose Carol

There will be a concert with Trueworshops and GMB.

All are invite to join this SIB Sabah Youth Conference, get know each other and for the most praise God. :)


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


source:Blog YB M.Kulasegaran (Ahli Parlimen Teluk Intan)

source:Blog Nik Hassan Azmi.

* is that possible? just wait and see... i also didn't have an idea #$%^&**&^%%$$%^*

New AVG FREE 8 Slow

avg 8
Here’s a memory usage comparison between AVG 8 and AVG 7.5.

avgamsvr.exe (AVG Alert Manager) 368K
avgupsvc.exe (AVG Update Service) 496K
avgemc.exe (AVG E-Mail Scanner) 1040K
avgcc.exe (AVG Control Center) 300K
Total Memory Usage: 2204K (2.2MB)

avgtray.exe (AVG Tray Monitor) 6116K
avgemc.exe (AVG E-Mail Scanner) 460K
avgwdsvc.exe (AVG Watchdog Service) 1204K
avgrsx.exe (AVG Resident Shield Service) 30464K
Total Memory Usage: 38244K (38MB)

You can see the different of memory usage. So it’s up to you which one is better, AVG FREE 7.5 or AVG FREE 8. Here is the important thing you need to know, AVG Team (Michael) had announce in AVG forum, support for AVG 7.5 Free Edition is planned to end on 31st August 2008. There will no virus update after that date. Raymond had suggest Avira AntiVir Personal 8 anti virus if you have a problem using AVG FREE 8.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Singaporean Joke... take a break

Story 1
Ah Lian ask shopkeeper: Eh Ah chek, u got sell
stocking up to knee, boh?
Ah Chek : Lu siao ah! stocking wear up to 'yeo'
(waist) only, where got up
to the 'nee'(breast) one.

Story 2
Ah Beng bought a Honda VTI recently and drove to Ah
Lian's place to show it to her. So there Ah Beng was bragging the various
functions of his new car to his girlfriend.
"This is ah, so fast even the Mata Chia cannot
catch ah!"
"Ha! Really ah!!! Steady lah!" said Ah Lian.
"Some more hor, this is Automatic one, vely easy to drive!"
So Ah Lian said, "Let me try! I wan, I wan!"
So Ah Lian took the driver's seat and shifted the gear and floored the & accelerator.
The next moment, the car sped backwards and crashed into the lamp-post.
"Alamak! What u doing? U Siao Char Bo! U see lah!
Wah Piang eh!" screamed
Ah Beng.
"Solee, solee, pai sei lah! No lah, I tot hor,
"R" for racing mah!"*

Story 3
The Titanic was sinking, and there weren't enough lifeboats.
So the captain had to persuade male passengers to jump into the icy waters to make room for women and children.
To the British he said. "You must act like gentlemen." They jumped.
To the Americans he said, "You can be heroes." They complied.
To the Germans he said, "It's the rule." They obeyed.
To the Japanese he said," It's the consensus." They obliged.
Then came the Singaporean and they just weren't budging until he came up with the appeal: "Free life jackets for those who jumped."

Story 4
3 recruits - Chinese, Malay & Indian are at the army supply base to collect underwear. The sergeant was there to aid the supplies.
Sergeant: Hei Ah Beng! How many underwear you need ah?
Ah Beng: (thinks a while) 7 sasen(sergeant)!
Sergeant: (puzzled) How come so many?
Ah! Beng: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. One day one.
Sergeant: (Malay recruit) Eh Mat! How many underwear?
Mat: (without hesitation) 6 sargen!
Sergeant: (curious) How come six?
Mat: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat & Sun. Friday I wear sarong.
Sergeant: (Indian recruit) Dei Tambi. How many underwears dah dei?
Tambi: (very confidently) 12 Sarjen !!!!
Sergeant: (shocked & fell to the ground) Why you need so many for?
Tambi: January, February, March.....One month one.

Story 5
Once upon a time, a group of Ah Bengs stepped into a lounge and wanted the DJ to play the song "Ah Cheng Buey Ro Ti" (In Hokkien means Ah Cheng buys bread). The DJ told them that they only have English songs and told them to re-select another song. The Ah Bengs were very angry and kicked up a bigfuss, claiming the DJ was insulting them. The manager had to intervene in order to calm them down. Finally, after long talk with Ah Bengs, the manager found out that Ah Bengs actually asking for the song "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers.

Story 6
One day, two Ah Lians got into a lift from the 20th storey and want to get down to the ground floor. As they looked at the dial, they could see the number 20 down to number 2. It was then followed by a G. As they not English-educated, they were puzzled and had no idea what does the letter G mean. Suddenly one of them exclaimed excitedly and hit G. When they finally reached the ground floor, the other Ah Lian was so impressed and asked the first Ah Lian, "Wah low!!!, how you know one?" The first Ah Lian reply smugly, "Easy lah.. G for Gero mah..."

Story 7
Santa Singh (remember him?) just graduated from Law school and decided to apply for a job in the most prestigious "Lee & Lee Law Firm"
During the interview, Mr. Lee KY looked at Santa Singh's resume, thinks for a while and said, "Well, I would need to discuss your application with my wife."
And went off to discuss Santa's application with his wife. Lee KY's wife said, "C'mon, don't you know that we only hire lawyers with surnames beginning with 'Lee' only? Of course, we can't hire Santa Singh!"
So Lee KY told the bad news to Santa Singh about his rejection.
Few days later, Santa Singh came back to the same company and request for another interview and Lee KY said, 'Look Santa, I have already told you that we only hire.......'
when Santa Singh interrupted him and said, 'I know, I know. I have just changed my name.
Lee K Y looked at Santa Singh in surprise and asked, "What is your new name then?"
On this, Santa Singh replied, 'Surname Lee, Last name, Manga!' (Manga-Lee)


PC Fair In sabah on 8 - 10 August 2008

Do not forget PC Fair In sabah on 8 - 10 August 2008 at Sabah Trade Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.Jalan Istiadat, Teluk Likas, 88400 Kota Kinabalu. Enjoy your shoping there...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sabahan Bloggers Gathering (SBG) 2008

Sabahan Bloggers Gathering (SBG) had been attending 125 bloggers or it might more than that, watch list here. I believe this gathering had been going smooth and very entertaining. I my self actually already planning joining that gathering but there is a few things I cannot leave behind and need to finish urgently. I do believe there will be another gathering in the future and I hope I can join the bloggers gathering crowd in the future.

image taken from puadede.com

Coagulations to SBG team manage to arrange the gathering successfully, without your commitment this gathering won’t born. Below is the back bone of SBG.Thanks also to the sponsorship for this gathering.

Below is some of the pictures before SBG started. Image was taken from caneeliea blog. She is one of the SBG team members (organizer I guess) .

Watch some of the SBG pictures, click links below. It just a few blog that I had read their post, from what I had read, I can conclude this gathering had been run pretty well.


*if you have a pictures of SBG in your blog and want to share it with us, leave a comment, do not forget to give your URL. i will update this post.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bring along your identity card (IC)

Please... please make sure you bring along your identity card (IC)if you going out from home or you will be join them in captive provisional before sending back to their country. Now government had started take action against the illegal immigrant.

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