Monday, August 31, 2009

52 Independent Day - 1 Malaysia

Wanna wish happy 52 Independent Day .. 1 Malaysia " Rakyat Di Dahulukan, Pencapain Di Utamakan" .

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Make phone call to overseas

Our world getting smaller because of the advantage of technology. Now we can chat to all our friends around the glob. We also can make call using voice over internet protocol (VOiP) such as Yahoo Messenger , Google talk , skype and many more. And the best things is its Free.

How about we made a phone call to overseas? Phone call will have a cost. yes it have cost and it not really cheap. Do not worry because our technology getting more and more advance for each day. Now phone call can be done using our computer. One of the best service to call overseas is jajah.com . Fore more details visit jajah.com

if you guys know other services calling to overseas , please leave your comment. Need to find cheaper rate but have good quality.

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