Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009.

KaitorWord wanna wish merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my entire visitor. Let’s take a moment to look back what we had done in 2008, did our goal had been archived? Spend a little bit of your moment to think about it and what is our planning for 2009. Wish you all good luck in 2009.

No more post until next year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Amazing Car Theft.

This car was fleeing by the theft only in a few seconds, see how amazing the theft. Moral of the story, we have to be more careful and make sure always lock your car, make it as a habit.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What would happen if Malaysian artist perform sexy on stage?

I 100% confirm if Malaysian artist acts like that, she/he will never show on radio or TV for the rest of her life. Malaysia still not open to this kind of movement on stage, even Malaysian Superman also get suspended for three months after drop off his cloth during concert. What your opinion?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BBKK T-shirt now in Japan

As usual, when I got nothing to do, I will spend my time to surf internet. One of my favorite things to do during surfing internet is reading blog. I had a long list blog to read and most of them are “sabahan blog” (blog manage by sabahan), online business, seo, marketing, photoshop tutorial and many more.

I just want to share with my reader about one blog I read. This blog is "Kongsikahan id’ koposion", URL is http://liidan.blogspot.com/. The author for this blog is Nika. This blog use a default and simple blogspot template. I didn’t want to talk about the layout of this blog because she just starting on October 2008. My main point here is, the power of bloging and social networking. I had read Alvin and Andy blog, this two guys start to produce “buli ba kalau kau” t-shirt. Because of their blog this product already comes to Niigata Japan. I hope more and more sabahan will success in the future, think bigger and you will get biggest. You may browse to her blog and read her interesting post. Here is quote of her profile:

Proud to be Dusun ethnic living in the northern part of Borneo Island. Trying hard to keep the Dusun spirit alive and recognized by the universe. Currently in Niigata Japan.

Kaitor said:
I also proud to be Dusun bah… ehehhe.. do not think I cannot speak Dusun… koilo oku moti mimboros dot dusun. Hilo nopo walai, mimboros moti yahai dusun. Aharap oku dah dot awu atanus iti boros tokow. Maan tokow noh koti suhuoh tanganak daton dot misingilo boros dusun on kadazan.

Monday, December 15, 2008

TeraOptions : Investment Educations

I had a great weekend last week, had learn something new and it really very useable for me. I had learned another way how to make money with a minimum risk. Now days everybody talking about global economy crisis. Our daily expanses increase but income to our pocket decrease. We have to be preparing facing the more and harder economy crisis next year. We have to look another alternative way to get more income to fulfill our financial needed.

I by my self had looked for a few alternative ways to earn money. I had to do that because I’m not sure what would happened next year and its batter to get prepare before I become jobless. There are million ways for us to generate income but for my self, I more interested in small business, multi level marketing, forex , investment and make money online.

As mention earlier, I had learned a new method to make money in ethical way. I had attended course done by TeraOptions in Sutera Habor , Kota Knabalu on 13 october 2008 . This company is specializing in investment educations. TeraOptions was establish on 2006 and focus in educateing and training investors in yielding higher proceeds from stock market using stock and index options with logical, conservative and systematic trading system.

TeraOptions focus in three ways of doing their investment. There are :

1. TeraOptions Fundamental Analysis - Which strongest stock to buy, which weakest stock to short.

2. TeraOptions Technical Analysis – When to buy and when to sell

3. TeraOptions Options Analysis – How to maximize profit and minimize investment risk.

I had a fundamental knowledge in Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis but Options Analysis it new to me. Options Analysis is only a strategy to make investment and get profit from your investment.

Kaitor said.
I want to join TeraOptions investment course but I didn’t have enough money to pay for the course fee. Maybe it’s not the right time for me to join this course for now, but I really thankful to TeraOptions giving me knowledge how to be a part in stock market and great strategy to make profit from stock market. This knowledge is applicable in forex, so I will practice this method in my Forex trading.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tv advertisement around 1960’

1960’ … I’m not born yet. This Television advertisement made by Majlis Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia (MKJR) with co-operatio Filem Negara Malaysia. Advertisement got English subtitle. This video made me memorize our black and with Television.:P

Thursday, December 11, 2008

RX Water - Water Theraphy

One of my friends introduces Rx-Water. I believe you might hear this name before or use this product. According to the founder of this product Dr. Noordin Darus, water is one of the best medicine or treatment. Dr. Noordin Darus already tested this Rx-Water by him self and successfully recover from his blood cancer or lymphoma in a few months only. I also read and heard a real testimonial about wonderful things and happiness after recover from their illness or cancer.

I want to make it clear, this product is not for cancer or those who have illness only but it good for us to maintain our healthy lifestyle. It batter to avoid compare treatment. Those who want the Rx-Water for free, you may contact me by email iterdesly@gmail.com, click here or leave a comment in this post. I will help you to get the Rx-Water for free, all you have to prepare is bottle or container to put the water.

Rx-Water was discovered by Dr. Noordin Darus, a medical doctor, a renowned wellness guru and water therapy specialist, when he was struck by blood cancer or lymphoma and can only live for few more months. As he underwent severe suffering due to the side effects from the treatment and medication, he felt inspired by god to use water as a solution. Water from this special filtration system helped him to recover from the cancer within few months only. Feeling responsible to share this breakthrough the others, he worked to propagate The Aura Healing Rx-Water therapy.

Most of health problems can be overcome by healthy lifestyle such as exercising, dieting, avoiding stress, sufficient rest and many more.

But, how many of us that really cares about their lifestyle? And how many of us that falls sick caused from wealth.

if you think wellness is expensive, try illness... - "DR. NOORDIN DARUS"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Download torrent file with Image Shack up to 500 kb/s

Download movie, music, anime, software and etc are one of my hobbies. Who did not happy if you can get latest movie for free? This fast few years we all know that largest internet provider in Malaysia, streamyx had shaping or limitting the speed of torrent.

BUT if streamyx shaping or limitting the torrent speed, that is not mean it end of the world, we still can used torrent but with a limited speed. As long can download and it should be okay. However there is solution for this by using port forwarding and purchase Virtual Privet Network (VPN). Streamyx installed a device, it’s to limit any torrent traffic [or torrent throttling] to outside Malaysia, if your torrent got any Malaysian [or local] peers, you can download with better speed.

Image shake now offer free services for you to download torrent file up to 500 kb/s speed. For Malaysian user, Image shake will download the torrent file to their server first. After finish download into image shake server, we can use any download tools to download the files into our hard drive. As usual, free user will have a limitation, 5.0 GB disk space, 10.0 GB bandwidths. Get your Image Shake today and enjoy downloads.

          download page shall be look like this

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