Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Parents & Soon-to-be Parents - Pls read!

Hi parents and soon-to-parents,

A friend of my husband told him this true story which happened to his own
sister in our very own Mid Valley City (for the benefit of those overseas,
MVC is large shopping complex in KL) :-

The friend's sister and her husband where having a meal in one of the restaurants
in MVC with their young son. Then suddenly, they were intruded by a big
fat lady who tried to be very annoying and intrusive. They tried their
best to get rid of this stranger. As all this commotion was going on, the
husband noticed that their young son was no longer sitting at the table
with them. When the husband looked around for his son, he saw that the
little boy was walking towards a man outside the restaurant who was beckoning
him to come over.

The husband quickly got up from his seat and started calling out his son's
name. This was when the big fat lady gave a 'hand cutting neck' signal
to her accomplice outside indicating that the 'mission' was to be aborted.
The man and the fat lady then disappeared out of sight.

I'm sure you have heard of syndicates out there that are kidnapping young
children, handicapping them and then putting them out on the streets to
beg. This story shows that what we've heard is very true. We've also been
told that the 'targeted' children are those who are between the ages of
2 to 5. And, the fairer they are, the better the price they'll fetch too.

My hope is that you'll let your family and friends know of this story and
ask them to always be alert when they take children out. Please feel free
to pass this email/message to anyone whom you think will benefit from it.

A very wise man had said this to me about this family -- '... you
are all I work so hard for. If I don't have that, nothing else matters
at all.'

I couldn't agree with him more.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Convert PDF file into Microsoft word document

Portable Document File or more known as PDF is one of the Adobe System Inc product and it used around the world. The advantage of using PDF file is easier to open and minimize the file size compare to the original document.

I believe you had thinking how fantastic if this PDF file can convert into Microsoft word document. Yes.. you can convert PDF file into Microsoft word document using free software pdfword. There are many software can used to convert PSD file into into Microsoft word document, you can search it on the internet but remember most of it is not FREE. Why I recommend pdfword? The answer are, it’s free and user friendly.

You can watch few print screen I had capture during trying this software.

            Finish Install

            Main windows

Select PDF file you want to convert, click browse button. You also have the option to set the file location after convert, just use browser button. Final steps, just click Convert to Word Document... wait until finish..it will take less than a minute to convert the file.

Download free software pdfwordsetup.exe.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Illegal park without saman.

Malaysian is very famous with illegal park and if you not in your lucky day, you will got “saman” . There is one best way to escape “saman” by using police sticker. Didn’t belive me, watch video below.

Monday, November 3, 2008

PC Inspector File Recovery - Recover your files from formated Hard Drive

What would you do if you accidentally format the hard drive which got important files? Is there any solution to retrieve the file again after your hard drive was formatted? Yes, we do have a chance to get back the files by using PC Inspector File Recovery. You maybe cannot get back your files 100% but it better you get a little bit compares nothing. PC Inspector File Recovery is free to use no trial, no license. Download PC Inspector File Recovery

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