Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 Ways to Avoid Ghost in Hotel Rooms

1. Knock on door or press door bell before entering, meaning to ask for permission to stay there.
2. When entering hotel room for 1st time, enter sideways so as to allow the 'dirty thing' to leave the room.
3. Leave a pair of slippers (each facing opposite directions) at door entrance. 'Dirty thing' coming in will follow the slipper and go out.
4. Place a glass of water and a pinch of salt at head of bed.
5. Flush toilet bowl before using.
6. Do not close the bible if it has been left open.
7. Avoid wearing black & red clothing. Wear yellow clothing.
8. Before sleeping, close toilet door & also switch off toilet lights.
9. Don't sleep facing big mirror.
10. Before sleeping, do not leave slippers together but each facing opposite direction to each other or in a messy way.

P/s: if you have another tips on how to avoid Ghost, please share it by giving a comment.

Do you believe in ghost ? for my self i believe even i was not seeing before ... and as i watch ghostlike movie... Asian ghost is more scare compare to the Europe  ghost ...


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