Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Access Hidden Themes in Windows 7

Want your desktop or windows different and stand out from the others. Actually windows 7 theme are different for every region as you select during the installations. You can access hidden themes in Windows 7 which are offered to other regions.

Below are the steps how to acess hidden themes in Windows 7.

Click start

In the search box of the Start menu, type C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT.

inside the folder you will find themes for Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Great Britain.

Open each folder and you will see few another folder such as
RSS Feed
United Kingdom
Website for United Kingdom

you can explore each folder but if you want to install the theme, just double click the file inside Theme folder and you are done.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Show file extensions in Windows 7

Default Windows 7 setting, you cannot see the extension file name. Advance computer user always need to see their extension file name so that they know the details about the file. There many advantages if you know what is the file extensions. If you want play some flash file but you never know what is the extension file, you will never get the right software for it. In this case, flash file extensions is filename.swf.

Windows 7 offer great features and bit different from the previous operating system from Microsoft , Windows XP.  If you wan to show file extensions in windows 7, just open any folder and click on the “Organize” tab. Select “Folder and search options”.

 New pop up will come out and select View tab. Inside this View Tab uptick “Hide extensions for know file types”

Click OK and you are able to see the file extension in Windows 7

Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to remove System Tool 2011 spyware

System tool 2011 is a virus made look like real antivirus and scaning your computer. It will scan your computer and asking you to get the licensed version of system tool 2011. This spyware will some windows functions will be rendered unstable like task manager,registery editor and control panel . This will prevent users from remove the System Toll 2011 manually.

Some of the user cannot remove System Tool 2011 will purchase the license or registered viersion for this useless software. By buying the license , victim will buy online and credit card details will requested. Victim will may charges for others unknown transactions. That is the objective of this useless System Tool 2011 , collecting victim credit card details.

When your computer infected with this System Toll 2011 , your desktop will be look like picture below.
Your computer will get slow and frequently asking you to scan and purchase the registered version of this software. Your computer will become extremely slow.

There are many tutorial at youtube teach you how to remove system Tool 2011 . You can learn it and follow step by steps. Below is my method HOW TO REMOVE SYSYEM TOOL 2011 from your computer. I highly recommend this method because I had tested it and proven working 100% with windows 7.

Step 1.
Reboot your computer and press F8 just after press the start button and you will come to safe mode .
Step 2:
Select Safe mode with networking and wit until windows completely loading
Step 3
Go to Start and right click SYSTEM TOOL 2011 then select open link Locations.
Step 4:
Delete the file .. done.
Hope this tutorial will help you. Just leave your comment below if you have other solutions.

Friday, January 14, 2011

How to install windows 7 from usb

Install windows 7 from USB is one of the great features for new personal computer or notebook. Install windows 7 from usb is more easier and faster than using DVD or CD. Today is my first experience creating or make usb bootable in other words extract iso for windows 7 in usb drive. The steps hos to install windows 7 from usb is easy and straight forward. Just follow step by step and you will success.
First of you will need usb drive with minimum space 4GB. You also need the iso file for windows 7 either in DVD,CD or at your hard drive.

You need to download WinToFlash applications which is the main software we require to make usb bootable. After download it , run the exe file and click Accept. Refer to pictures given below.
Click exe file to run
Click windows transfer wizard and after that click next.

Specify your source file and USB by clicking the Select button.

Accept and continue.

Wait until the process finish.

Your usb drive now are windows 7 bootable and can be used to install windows 7 from usb.

Hos to install windows from USB?

Restart the computer and select USB Flash drive from boot menu, the installations process is same as using CD or DVD. Good luck. If you have another method how to install windows 7, share it here by giving your comments. Good luck

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to remove duplicate pictures from your computer

It is normal for us having duplicate pictures in our computer and there are few reasons why it happened. There are three factors of why we have duplicate pictures in our computer.

1. When we do minor editing, we keep the original pictures and save a new copy of the edited image. If every time we do minor editing and save it, we will get many duplicate pictures.

2. Sometimes we rename the pictures and still save the original pictures, computer will accept it as different file because computer will recognize file name and not the image inside pictures.

3. Most of digital camera now are easy to connect to the computer for transfer images. If we transfer images and not delete from camera in future, when transfer angain the image, the old file also may accidently transferred, that why we have duplicate images.

We do not need paid software to remove duplicate pictures or image, google pisca desktop it the best software for this job. Download and install google pisca, import all your fila and then choose Tools –> Experimental –> Show Duplicate Files. It will show you the same pictures . Confirm the image you want to remove and delete it from your hard drive.

Watch video below how to use Google Pisca software to remove duplicate pictures from your computer.

Monday, January 10, 2011

How to rewrite hosts in windows 7

Some of you may encounter problem to rewrite or modify your hosts file in windows 7. I had an experience before where I cannot save the changers I had made on this hosts file. After playing around and I find out this tricks.

Open the notepad from your start menu and right click it, select run as administrator then browse the /windows/system32/drivers/etc which contain the hosts file. You can edit and make changers to your hosts file and save it.

Hope this tips will help you and watch video below explaining the detail process How to rewrite hosts in windows 7

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Proton BLM Bodykit

Having a nice looking car is a big dream for everyone and many of us will spend thousands ringgit just to modify car. One of Proton latest model is Proton BLM and get high acceptance from Malaysian and this BLM also sold in other country such as Thailand, Indonesia and Europe.

I trying hard to find in the internet where to get latest Proton BLM bodykit, well I just find few only and I want to share this information with you. I want to make it clear here, I give you this information free and I didn’t attach to any affiliate. It my hobby to share information and hope this can help you to make your Proton BLM elegant.

Get the chippers price of this bodykit such as Front Skirt, Rear Skirt ,Side skirt and Spoiler. There are many types of bodykit , you have to choose the best one. Making choice is not easy, I highly recommend you to get an advice from your friends and not the shop owner because they will introduce the expensive bodykit to you.

Well I didn’t want to writ too much, if you have any questions on how to make your Proton BLM elegant, just give a call to this number 012 977 77 93(Douglas)

watch video below and this might would give you some idea. (Proton Saga BLM R3 )

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mozilla Firefox plugins - FireFTP

I believe every single internet user know what is Mozilla Firefox and most of internet savvy used firefox. Firefox as we know is undeniably one of the most popular browser among the internet users. Mozilla Firefox encourage the developer to devolope Add-ons for their browser and this one of the reasons it become more popular. Today I will share to you, one of the ads-ons for firefox, FireFTP. This plugins or ads-ons used to provide easy access to FTP services and developed by Mime Cuvalo. FireFTP have many features like directory comparison, synching directories, SFTP, SSL encryption, integrity checks, remote editing along with transferring your files. This plugins works with Firefox 3.5 -3.6 and licenced under Mozilla Public Lincence version 1.1

Download FireFTP

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