Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to remove duplicate pictures from your computer

It is normal for us having duplicate pictures in our computer and there are few reasons why it happened. There are three factors of why we have duplicate pictures in our computer.

1. When we do minor editing, we keep the original pictures and save a new copy of the edited image. If every time we do minor editing and save it, we will get many duplicate pictures.

2. Sometimes we rename the pictures and still save the original pictures, computer will accept it as different file because computer will recognize file name and not the image inside pictures.

3. Most of digital camera now are easy to connect to the computer for transfer images. If we transfer images and not delete from camera in future, when transfer angain the image, the old file also may accidently transferred, that why we have duplicate images.

We do not need paid software to remove duplicate pictures or image, google pisca desktop it the best software for this job. Download and install google pisca, import all your fila and then choose Tools –> Experimental –> Show Duplicate Files. It will show you the same pictures . Confirm the image you want to remove and delete it from your hard drive.

Watch video below how to use Google Pisca software to remove duplicate pictures from your computer.


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