Monday, June 29, 2009

My Project with Sabahan.FM

It was a long journey and really challenging when you do another job, I mean second job. I had working with sabahan.fm few months ago and now sabahan.fm starting to show their ability in broadcasting. I never get paid doing all of this thing but I really enjoy what I had done and proud of it also proud of sabahan.fm achievement.

Sabahan.FM had bring Live few events such as Kaamatan 2009 Sugandoi Final Concert , KADUS music Festival and Cabutan Simpanan Sijil Premium Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN). Sabahan.Fm also had interview many local and national artists.

To know more update from sabahan.fm you can join Sabahan.net forum or join Sabahan.fm group in FaceBook.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dog Houses

This is the Asian style.....

For doggies "on the move".......

Some dogs, live better than some people do! . . . . . .

It even has storm windows and Air Conditioning !

This pooch's palace is valued at $8,000.

A $10,500. dog house.... with a lake view,..flat screen TV,...and air conditioning!

This is the front view.......

.....This is the Inside!

How about a Spanish style?
(Valued between $15,000.-$20, 000.)

Interior of the Spanish style.......

####Some people, are just nuts about their dogs!!!!!####

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Create an Animated Gif Using Photoshop

I have a big question playing in my mind, how to create an animated pictures such as gif. I had try few software to created gif / animated but all the software I used will end with the expire trial. One of my friend said, photoshop also can be sue to create an animated image or gif. Then I had search few tutorial on the internet.

Below is a link for that tutorial How to Create an Animated Gif Using Photoshop.

Below is few animated or gif image that I had created using photoshop. Need to learn more .. if you guys have any interesting photoshop tutorial please let me know.

*click to enlarge pictures..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Photo Contest Winner 1Malaysia.com.my

Congratulation to Henry Liew Su Loong, Henry Liew placed 1st in the 1Malaysia.com.my Photo Contest.

Md Azrul Syaffiq Bin Md Suhaimi posing with his winning photo. Md Azrul placed 2nd in the 1Malaysia.com.my Photo Contest.

Noor Diyana Bt. Mohmad Apandi posing with her winning photo. Noor Diyana placed 3rd in the 1Malaysia.com.my Photo Contest.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ever seen this? BABY BAT

Hi guys, have you ever seen "Baby Bat". It was really amazing and honestly me also first time saw it. Never see it live but its Ok watch the pictures, its not easy to catch it Live.






source:forward email

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