Monday, October 29, 2007

Automobile - Japanese Anime Sticker

Anime is a symbol of Japanese culture and fans of anime even embrace their cars with anime stickers in this latest craze trend. Some of them does look pretty cool while others are blatantly overdone. I had attach a few car pictures with Japanese Anime Sticker but it not a Malaysian car... so if you know or find any Malaysian car with Japanese Anime Sticker, please sent it to me or let me know ... i want to put that picture here.. :)


2008 Bullitt

The 2008 Bullitt is expected to have many features from the 2001 model and it will be a GT model, with minor intake, exhaust upgrades to boost the performance of the GT’s 300 hp and probably will come by way of FRPP (Ford Racing’s Performance Packs). The engine is expected to be the standard 3v, 4.6 liter and nothing fancy.

"We added additional Mustang derivatives to our near-term product plans – to ensure we have at least one new Mustang every year. One of those will be the return of the Bullitt, and it’s coming in 2008", declared Fields.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Tan Sri Lim Goh has died.
Take a moment of your time and pray for him, rest in peace.

Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong traveling from China to Malaya with just 178 yuan in his pocket in 1937, aged 19. He was born in Anxi Fujian, China on 28 February 1918.He became a carpenter and then slowly became a contractor and helped build the Cameron hydroelectric dam in 1963. It was then that he conceived the idea of building a highland resort close to Kuala Lumpur. Genting in Mandarin means "atop the clouds". With his hardworking, he had been listed by Forbes magazine as one of The World’s Billionaires on 2007. He is 204 world’s rich with RM14.28 bilion (AS$4.2 bilion), behind Tan Sri Robert Kuok (104) and Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan (119).
His first company is Kien Huat Construction establish on 1951.This company had a great performance and he is the man who responsible to build Jalan Klang Lama in Kuala Lumpur. Because of his good work, Kien Huat Construction is one of the government contractors and run many project.

Genting Highland is one of the famous places in the world. Around 1965, Genting Bhd had get casino license from government. Obtaining the country's only casino licence, he turned the Genting Highlands resort into a sprawling empire that owned casinos in the United Kingdom, hotels and the third-largest cruise line in the world, worth about RM77 billion.
Being rich is not means you have to selfish, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong is philanthropist and the evidence is he gives 20 million to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. He also had received many awards such as Anugerah Hartanah Tahunan 2002 by Persekutuan Hartanah Antarabangsa (FIABCI), Pengurus Tahunan by Kelab Alumni Harvard Business School Malaysia 1987 and Business Achiever of the Year by Yazhou Zhoukan, China business magazine. On 2003 he had launch his own book to share his successful keys “My Story”. This book comes in three language Malay, English and Chinese.

The man who built a city "atop the clouds" and created a US$4.3 billion (RM14.6 billion) gaming and leisure empire has died, his accomplishments a testament to the Malaysia Boleh spirit. Take a moment of your time and pray for him, rest in peace.

Monday, October 22, 2007

MyTeam 2 just wastes Money.

After watching the MyTeam 2 final match against Indonesia team, I was really said and upset. The way they play is horrible and didn’t have a good ball control. MyTean 2 was lost 0-2 to Indonesia. The first goal by Egi Melgiansyah 25 meers because of the mistake made by MyTeam defenders. The second goal should not be, this time the keeper had made a terrible mistake and no one MyTeam player cover the empty space in front goal. Risky Novtiansyah just made a simple heading for the second goal. If there is MyTeam 3, I was really hoped the future team will be better than MyTeam 2. My opinion, MyTeam 1 is better than MyTeam2 even they are lost to our Malaysian team but their game is nice. MyTeam 2 had wastes a lot of money going to oversea for a friendly match and training but at the end we lost!!!!

Welcome back to earth Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, First Malaysian astronaut

FIRST Malaysian astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor touched down safely with Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and Flight Engineer Oleg Kotov, aboard the Soyuz TMA-10 spacecraft. They undocked from the station around 3:14 a.m. EDT and landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan at 6:36 a.m.

After confirming Soyuz TMA-10 spacecraft safely landing, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was thankfull to God and said “The successful of this mission to all Malaysian, we create a new history page. Malaysia had gone to space” with the media.

The celebration of first Malaysian astronaut was held in MCC by put Program Angkasawan Negara logo in MCC watch by Roscosmos chair men Anatoli Ferminov. Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor will be in Russia around two weeks for quarantine before going back to Malaysia.

First Picture:
Saying goodbye to others members before going back to earth.

Second Picture:
Going inside the Soyuz TMA-10 spacecraft

Third Picture:
Save landing..Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor show HI to the crew.

Kaitor said: I was really hope this is not the first and last Malaysian astronaut but more and more Malaysian will going to space... one day we will have our spacecraft, hopefully.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Google Page Rank, Explained!

Factors that can increase your Google PageRank

Now the Google PageRank algorithm can be very complexed, but yet friendly invention. Here is a list of things that could help boost you Google PageRank, with a rating scale beside it of how important we think it is.

* Update Pages Frequently 2/10
* Add Pages Frequently 4/10
* Good Neighborhood Directories with high PageRank Levels 7/10
* Monster Websites 7/10
* Quality Inbound links 8/10
* Quality Relevant Links 9/10
* No Broken Links 5/10
* Article Submissions (this can increase your PageRank by getting more inbound links)
* All these put together 10/10

Factors that can decrease your Google PageRank

* Bad inbound links such as Poker, Porn, Sex, Drugs, or anything to that nature
* Link spamming
* Bad Content
* Lots of broken links
* SEO Black Hat Techniques

How Google PageRank is Calculated

Okay now we are to the Google PageRank Calculations, this is very simple so pay attention, I learned it over night, not really. The factors about Google PageRank Calculation is that no one knows exactly how it works, but people have discovered over time somewhat how it works, but lets get into an example.

* PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + … + PR(tn)/C(tn))

Above is a Google PageRank algo. that was released in the development of Google algo. Thats right the actualy algo equitation . Which google is not telling us what it does, but that does not matter because the equatation is good enough.
In the equation ‘t1 - tn’ are pages linking to page A, ‘C’ is the number of outbound links that a page has and ‘d’ is a damping factor, usually set to 0.85.
A more simpler way to think of it is:

* a page’s PageRank = 0.15 + 0.85 * (a “share” of the PageRank of every page that links to it)

Share = The linking page’s PageRank is divided by the number of outbound links
A page ”votes” an amount of PageRank onto each page that it links to. The amount of PageRank that it has to vote with is a little less than its own PageRank value (its own value * 0.85). This value will be shared equally between all pages
Therefore; it would be better to get a page linked to you that has a PageRank of 5 with 2 outbound links then it would be to have a page linked to you with a PageRank of 8 with 500 outbound links, but don’t get me wrong. It would be better to have both pages linked to you, but if you was to take your choice, think about it.
Now the Google PageRank algorithm is based between a pr of 1 to 10, but many people believe that numbers are set to a algo logarithmic scale. Which there is a very good reason to believe this, but no one knows for sure outside of google, now there has probably been people that have figured it out somewhat, but to be sure, you would of had to write the Google PageRank algorithm your self.
Who invented the Google PageRank Algorithm

Google PageRank was developed at Standford University by Larry Page, and Sergery Brin. This was part of a research project for these two individuals. The project was started in 1995 and then was led to a functional prototype. In 1998, Google was founded.


UFO sighted in Kota KInabalu Sabah Borneo

Kota Kinabalu: A circular sun halo hovered over the noon skies of the State Capital Wednesday, prompting many to call the Daily Express office as to what it may portend.

In scientific terms what they saw was simply a "prism effect" of millions or may be billions of very small ice crystals that compose high altitude cirrus clouds - thin wispy clouds that are typically found at 20,000ft (6,000m).

Clouds are essentially micro water droplets but because of their extraordinary high level, these ice crystals that compose cirrus clouds originate from the freezing of super-cooled water droplets.

What was even more captivating about the phenomena and which could not be seen by the naked eye was captured by Sabah Publishing House Managing Director Datuk Clement Yeh on his Nokia E61i at around that time in Tanjung Aru.

Clement did not want to hurt his eyes and started clicking away the halo on his handphone camera placed on his outstretched palm. As it turned out, he not only captured the halo on camera but also a mysterious white speck.

"It was only on reviewing the images later that I noticed this white speck or dot. Even then, I did not think much of it as it could easily be a speck of dust on the camera lens.

"I then decided to zoom in on the speck and noticed that it was not stationary but seemed to have been in motion in a linear fashion suggesting that whatever it is, it had obviously been moving at high speed."

A professional photographer, he does not think it is a reflection on his phone lens since it was not stationary.

At this point in time, nobody is able to explain what it is but we provide these images that Clement took for the public to decide or even speculate.

Back to the sun halo, this phenomenon is fairly common among the cirrus clouds and may cause three types of effects. One, a circular halo that looks like a rainbow like the one seen above KK.

The second type of halo features a sun-dog coloured image of the sun as a bright spot in the lower left while a third type may take the form of a tangential arc - a second curve near the top of the circular halo.

Physics students would probably understand the slightly complex phenomenon better.

The circular halo is said to be formed by pencil-like (angular-shaped) ice crystals which are all falling from the sky at a rate slower than raindrops and oriented horizontally simply because that's how things fall due to air friction.

But the horizontal orientation is random and so any crystal that formed the proper angle relative to the observer and the sun bends the sunlight at a 22 degree angle thus forming a circle 22 degrees to the sun.

Here is the video

Kaitor Said:
that is just so obvious! The white blob moves in perfect sync with the camera. If it's a real UFO, the camera should be struggling to trail the white blob.

This white thing was also reported in Daily Express 12th October 2007 by special writer Kan Yaw Chong....comment from YouTube
If they said it just a camera effect, why don't they make an experiment and compare the result.It up to you now, either wanna believe the white blob an UFO or not. "Clement did not want to hurt his eyes and started clicking away the halo on his handphone camera placed on his outstretched palm. As it turned out, he not only captured the halo on camera but also a mysterious white speck." see ...Clement recording that video not to capture the UFO, but wanna record the halo.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2009 Jaguar X-Type

Kaitor said: what I love about this car? em…She is beautiful and has six speed automatic transmissions.

"Jaguar X-Type is the new car from Jaguar, for 2009, based on the same car introduced in 2001. The X-Type has a new refreshing look and improving accessories and components.
What I like the most of the new X-Type is the 2.2 liter diesel engine, which has six speed automatic transmissions. The exterior is improved by alloy rims and new bumpers and the interior has a lot of interesting accessories.
When I look to the new Jaguar X-Type I see a luxury car with many components which will make big sales in the UK in March, 2008 and in other European markets in April, 2008".......Car Tuning and Modified Cars

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Just Join PPP

Making money online is one of the most popular topics between Internet users around the world. If you are reading this post that means you are one of the one of them who wants to know about making money online. One of the most valuable tools to make money online is PayPerPost (PPP). To be hones I already know about PPP a month ago. I believe readers will ask this question, why you did not register on that time? Em.. let me answer the question clearly, before decide to join this PPP I have to make some research on how the system worked and find some testimonial about this PPP. There are many user had post a testimonial about this PPP. I spent a little bit of my time to read them both it sound nice or bad, and at the end I came to the conclusion, I join this PPP. Most of the user testimonial are really great and inspire me to be one of the PPP users.

I believe most of you know PPP is not scam, and another words in Malaysia “Skim Cepat Kaya”. PPP require the users to write about websites, products, services and companies. It needs your effort and creativity but it not too difficult because PPP will guide you. Mark my words, it VERY EASY and I 100% confident you will know what should you do even you are newbie as me because PPP web site is user friendly. Just read it carefully and follow the instructions. The main reason me join PPP because Malaysian now are easily to withdraw from PayPal. All I need is a credit card with visa logo on it. I am sure more and more users will join PPP.

Now come to my favorite part, what should I do with the money I earn from PPP? First things I will do is to buy a domain name + hosting, for now I still using a free account from google, known as blogspot or blogger. I had read many blog tutorials, it is very important to have these two things to be a successful blogger. I was really hope that I will generate more income from this PPP and improve the hard way of my life.

I had made a move get the opportunity to generate more income from PayPerPost. How about you? Have you join PPP, please fell free to share your experience by submitting a comment. If you still not register yet, take an action to open your account now.. Its not require a cent from your pocket money, registration is 100% free and start to earn money from PPP. If you still not sure, never mind take your time and continue to made research on PPP. One day you will see the great things about PPP.

Join the PPP Referral Programs
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Raya not the same without Sheikh Muszaphar, say friends

MALAYSIA’S first astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri in space while his business partner Chef Ismail Ahmad, restaurant staff and close friends miss him dearly.For most of them, this is the first time in recent years that they are celebrating the festival without Dr Sheikh Muszaphar.

Watch video: Use Link Below
Watch Video

Saturday, October 13, 2007

MALAYSIA'S first astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Celebrate Hari Raya In ISS

The Soyuz TMA-11, carrying Muszaphar and two others, docked on schedule with the International Space Station (ISS) at 6.52pm Moscow time (10.52pm Malaysian time). "Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysians on this historic occasion.Everything is all right up here" said Muszaphar.

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (foreground, left) and other crew members onboard the International Space Station.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bursa Malaysia (bursa pursuit) online investment

My friend had told me there was a Bursa Malaysia (bursa pursuit) investment web. We can try our investment skill there with virtual money but users will use real time data. It was such an online game. The winner will have a chance to win RM500,000 worth of prizes. As we know investment is the best way to make money from our money but at the same time it very high risk. Before this I had learn to play forex and it very fun and interesting. I had learned so many new things. Honestly my skill in investment not very good but I’m happy to get a little profit compare than nothing or lost. I believe one day I will be successful but require me to learn more and more on investing.

Talking back about online investment with Bursa Malaysia, I already register in their web but it not easy to start investing; I didn’t know how to start it… need an advice from my friend and doing some research from the internet. I will make another post about bursa pursuit soon and make some tutorial how to start investing from first step to the end. If you already play this bursa pursuit, I really hope you can guide me on how to start my first investing. It really different what I had learned before and it’s a new thing to me. Thank You.

Big Screen Problem – Who Responsible?

Who is responsible to switch on the big screen at Dataran Merdeka to view the first Malaysian astronaut going to space last night? I believe thus who came down to Dataran Merdeka was really upset because big screen didn’t on. Luckily they had watched the historical moment of Malaysia going to space by 14 inc TV. Just imagine if you are in their place? I 100% guarantee DBKL or other organization who suppose to turn on the big screen tv wills apologies for that mistake. It easy to say sorry but this kind of problem can be avoid such as turning on the big screen earlier. If there is something wrong DBKL can repair it or look for the new alternative using projector. This is a very special moment and why DBKL didn’t prepare well? Malaysians really hope this kind of silly mistake will NOT happened again in the future.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor 1st Malaysian Going To Space

Congratulations Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor you had makes Malaysia proud and show to the world Malaysia Boleh. This is another gift to Malaysia which is celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence this year.There are three members in a first team going to International Satellite Station (ISS), Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Yuri Malanchenko and Peggy Whitson. They are going to space tonight around 9.21 PM (Malaysian Time) and it will show live in TV1, TV3 and astro channel 588.

To all Malaysians ,
I am truly honored and grateful to all the wishes that I have been getting from all walks of life . The messages keep on pouring in and at this moment , it truly helps me emotionally to prepare myself mentally for my journey to space. Believe me , I read every word of it and it really touches me to do my very best for the nation. I promise to make Malaysia proud. That's a promise I plan to keep !
Many asked me what kind of food am I bringing to space ? The followings are the menu that has been approved and will be brought up to the ISS.

Biryani Chicken
Satay Ayam
Rendang Tok
Sliced dried Mango
Banana rolls
Ginger Jelly
Roselle Granola Bar
Kuih Raya Bangkit

......Dr. Sheikh

Read more on angkasan programme

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First Malaysian in space

Malaysia will create another great history tomorrow night when our men will be in space. It will be place Malaysia in 37 elite countries in the world who had been going to space. Either Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha, 35, or Kapten Dr Faiz Khaleed, 27 will going to space with Soyuz 15-S to ISS from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan on 9.21 PM (Malaysian Time) tomorrow, 10 October 2007 decide last minute. All Malaysian local Tv broadcasting this historical moment.

Image source:bharian.com.my,angkasawan blog

Malaysian Astronaut To Space To Be Decided At Last Minute

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 24 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian astronaut to blast off to the International Space Station on Oct 10 will be decided at the last minute after both the country's candidates are recognised as astronauts.

Prime minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today that Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor would be placed with the first crew for the Soyuz 15-S mission while Captain Dr Faiz Khaleed would join the second crew.

"All the final changes in the selection of the candidate for the mission will be decided by the Russians later. This process is necessary to ensure that the mission proceeds smoothly and successfully," Abdullah said when making the announcement live from his office here.

The two Malaysian astronauts will be at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, from Friday to undergo final training before the launch on Oct 10.

Abdullah said the selection of the two was on the recommendation of the selection committee chaired by Tun Haniff Omar based on a meeting of the working committee of the Russian Intergovernmental Board and the final assessment report on the preparation of the Soyuz 15-S mission by the Russian space agency (Roscosmos).

He said the government was very proud that the Main Crew Commissioning Board had acknowledged that both the Malaysian astronaut candidates had passed with distinction and were qualified to represent the country in its first mission to space.

"This means that the country has produced two Malaysians who can join a space mission at any time when needed and has been accorded recognition by an international astronaut training body," he said.

Besides Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, 35, a medical officer from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital (HUKM), the Russians have proposed that the first crew for the Soyuz 15-S mission comprise Yuri Malechenko of Russia and Peggy Whitson of the United States.

The second crew will comprise Sharizan Sharipov of Russia and Michael Fincke of the United States besides Captain Dr Faiz, 27, a dentist with the Malaysian Armed Forces.

"On behalf of the government and people of Malaysia, I wish the mission success and I pray that it will go smoothly as planned," Abdullah said.

The programme to send a Malaysian to space was conceived in 2003 when Russia agreed to send a Malaysian to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of Malaysia's RM3.4 billion purchase of 18 Russian-made Sukhoi 30-MKM jet fighters.

Meanwhile, Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis said it was normal to name the crew at the eleventh hour as anything could happen between now and the launch date.

"Remember Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space) was not the first choice. He was the secondary choice but was chosen at the eleventh hour because the primary choice crew came down with measles," he said.

He said the final decision on who would be on board the Soyuz -- whether the first crew team or second crew team or mixed team -- would be determined by the Russian mission director

Dr Jamaluddin confirmed that at least one Malaysian would be on board the Russian rocket to be launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan at 9.21pm (Malaysian time) on Oct 10.

Dr Jamaluddin said Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and Capt Dr Faiz were chosen from a total of 11,275 candidates since the Malaysian National Space Agency (Angkasa) started the screening campaign for the programme in 2003.

The Malaysian astronaut is expected to conduct scientific research on cancer cells in space to study the effect of a weightless environment on the cells.

He said the government planned to telecast the launch live through all the local television stations and the prime minister would also witness the historic moment through live telecast.

Dr Muszaphar and Capt Dr Faiz, both bachelors, who are currently undergoing a 12-month training at the Yuri Gagarin Aerospace Training Centre at Star City in Moscow, would be informed of the announcement later, he said.

Source: Bernama

Monday, October 8, 2007

Proton Persona

The Malaysian concern,Proton Holding Berhad launched the last available model,Persona. We’ve heard that this model will be commercialized even on Europe market.Proton Persona comes to complete an almost complete game of models, like: Waja, Gen.2 and Savy.

The new car will have a gas propeller with 1.6 liter cylinders. This prove that it is a silent engine and very economic. New Proton is new version of Gen.2.Proton is the biggest automobile producer from Malaysia, exporting vehicle in Europe and Great Britain, too.

The price for Proton Persona car reach € 11,500, but for this price you can have all conditions and endowments. In Malaysia this model already has over 2,200 requests.I bet that it will be a real success in Europe, too. In Malaysia Proton Persona coast around RM44,999 (13 217.9163 U.S. dollars) to RM55,000 (16 155.59 U.S. dollars) per unit.

As malaysian i was really proud because Malaysia can produce a world class car even it might need a bit times to be well known such as Honda, Ferrari, Fiat and BMW. Proton must work even more harder to produce car with high quality. Good Luck PROTON.

* Are you malaysian? What is your car?


sex burns calories!

Don't forget that sex burns calories! Okay, so it has to be fairly vigorous to get your heart rate going, but calories are calories right? A 130-lb person can burn about seven calories per five minutes of vigorous sex. Keep it up for two hours, and you'll burn off 177 calories...enough to get rid of those cookies you ate after dinner. Plus, you will impress your mate with your incredible endurance!

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Two hearts in two days for Hui Yi

After successfully finish the first operation, Hui Yi body was rejecting the new hearts. According to the doctor, it might cause by Hui Yi ’s multiple blood transfusions over the past year, she could have developed antibodies that rejected the first heart. The team led by IJN chief cardiothoracic surgeon Datuk Dr Mohd Azhari Yakub have to do the operation again and looking the possibility to put Hui Yi’s mechanical heart. However, God is great, around 3am Dr Ezani get a call from Johor that there is a new heart donor. After confirm the blood type, the second heart for Hui Yi shipped to (Institut Jantung Negara) IJN. The operation goes well and the second transplant surgery took place yesterday at 1.30am. It lasted 61/2 hours, finally ending at 8am. The first transplant operation on Wednesday lasted 101/2 hours. Dr Ezani report that Hui Yi’s heart is functioning very well, with lesser support than the previous surgery.

“It’s a miracle. Two hearts in two days after waiting for almost 10 months. It’s unbelievable. God is great.”

The second donor also an accident victim and he donated his lungs, liver and kidneys. “The doctors would like to thank both families for the selfless acts,” said Dr Azhari. They were also grateful to the RMAF and police for their help in transporting the organs.

The heart transplant was successfully and it show the world that Malaysia is advance in the medical sector, congratulations. :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Hui Yee gets a new heart

Hui Yee get a new hope after get her new heart. Tee Hui Yi underwent a successful heart transplant at the National Heart Institute (IJN). The donor heart was a gift from the family of a 15-year-old Malay accident victim in Ipoh. Tee, however, remains in critical condition. The donor family was happy after get phone call from doctor telling their son’s heart had been successfully transplanted to Hui Yee. This family didn’t ask any rewards, however the only condition he had asked of the hospital was to not reveal the identity of his son.

The donor is a MALAY 15-year-old boy from Manjung, Perak

Thursday, October 4, 2007

5th October 2007 - A Night Of Reflection

I believe you still remember Nurin Jazlin a child sexual abuse victims and found dead in the gym bag. Until now police still investigate who done this evil thing. If we look back pervious years before, child sexual abuse and kill had happened and it happened agian. When it going to stop? ? As long there is a person who didn’t use their brain to think it will happen again and again. Now what are we gonna to do? As a lesion we need to be more carefully, not just the parents but the community must be responsible too. TLC Team organizes A Night Of Reflection with the objective to tell the public what can they do to help preventing the child sexual abuse. If you are staying near by, do not miss A Night Of Reflection and show our support against child sexual abuse.

Tuned Ferrari Novitec Tunero F430

The Novitec Tunero F430 is a modified Ferrari F430 in matte black color which was presented by Novitec at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2007.They changed the name to Tunero and the car has 2 race inter cooled supercharged with new intake system, fuel injectors and oil coolers. The engine runs at 707 hp at 8,350 rpm and 525 lb/ft of torque at 6300 rpm. The Novitec Tunero also can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 216 mph.

Here is the pictures of Tunero

Kaitor said: i want this car!!!!!! but it might just my dream...must work hard to earn...earn..earn..and earn money... :D
Source: Cars And Tuning

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Visit Malaysia 2007 "Rasa Sayang", Someone Wanna Sued Malaysia

I had read from my friend blog, some of Indonesian minister want to take a court action on Malaysia because use Rasa Sayang as song theme Visit Malaysia 2007. They claim that Rasa Sayang is their songs and Malaysia need permission to use it. They also said that batik also from Indonesia and Malaysia "ciplak" in other words, Malaysia copy and come out with Malaysian version. I didn’t have idea to comment on this because i'm not sure who is wrong and who is in the right side. My friends idea is quite good, Roti Canai is from India, did Indian government sued Malaysia or other country because of that Roti Canai. The Chinese Lion Dance, did the China government sued Malaysia ? em… whatever I’m still proud to be a Malaysian. This is a screen shoot from Indonesian forum.

thanks to:fuiyoh

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My College Network Support Team Suck!!!!!!!

I want to open atama web site but the result i got is here..argh... waht the F***!!!! To my lovely blog reader, could you explain how it can be like that.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Hey guys, i just found out this cool web.. really different from the other web... you cannot use even a single click on this page. I guess this web had been developed using flash. Just imagine what would happen how you can surf the web page without a click... the answer is here.. do not break the rules... DON'T MAKE A CLICK :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Most Happening Babes On Friendster

Malaysian, if you are subscriber to maxis aka hotlink, grab this golden opportunity to create an account on PACMEE. PACMEE is a social networking website with Personalisation, Advertisement and Communication (PAC) tools . This web site offers three languages Malay, English, Mandrin.

PACMEE is a social networking website. It offers useful, easy-to-use and affordable Personalisation, Advertisement and Communication (PAC) tools. MyShoutOut is the first in a series of these tools. It is currently available for Maxis postpaid and Hotlink prepaid users in Malaysia only. Find out more at www.pacmee.com/help.aspx

Our Team
Our team consists of people who are passionate and experienced in the areas of internet media, mobile communication and consumer lifestyle. We constantly research and commercialise innovations that will have a profound and disruptive effect on how people personalise, advertise and communicate in the future. Wanna follow our daily activities? Just type ON PACMEE and send the sms to 22700.

PACMEE also had launch The Most Happening Babes On Friendster starts on 15 September 2007 until 30 November 2007. The picture will talk by it self , don’t miss it .. good luck

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