Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My SEO experiment - get listed in google first page just after publish blog post

Traffic is very important in website or blog. I had read many tips and apply the tips and trick on how to increase traffic in my blog. How we can generate traffic, the easier way is from search engine. People will type of what value they want and when it relevant to your content, search engine will point to your web or blog. In a simple word traffic is the amount of user who visits your blog. Higher traffic will open the opportunity to make money online, believe me on this.

One of blogs, starznews.blogspot.com was optimized on search engine optimization ,SEO . I had make some changes on blog post title, use HTML Meta Tags and few coding changers. I run a test by copy paste the title from naffnang blog “Mini Gathering for Sabahan Nuffnangers” and google it. Here is the result and my target is to get listed on the first page .

Just after push publish button on my blog, I do the search again and the result is very surprisingly , my blog was on rank four and five. I beat all other blog except the authorized blog, nuffnang. Guess what happened if I do the searching by using the quote “Mini Gathering for Sabahan Nuffnangers” .

Since I had some experience on SEO optimizations and test it on my blog , in future I will share some tips how to make your blog or web SEO friendly.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bring Facebook to your desktop - Fishbowl Client

I just came back from my training on iPhone application which very interesting and I highly encourage you to explore this area because our world start to change to the “touch decive” such as iPhone. In future, I will share some basic instructions or tutorial how to create your own applications even you didn’t know programming language or not have iPhone , you still can build the applications.

Today I wanna share another applications which support facebook and you can do it on your desktop without open the browser. Experience your Facebook content in new ways with a trial desktop client application that lets you personalize how you read your newsfeed, update status, comment, like, browse and upload photos.
Every facebook update you can watch it on your desktop, share your pictures on facebook by just simply drag & drop photos into Fishbowl to have these published to Facebook. Sit back and watch a full screen slideshow to see your albums. This the easiest way to share pictures on facebook instead of uploading it from facebook web browser.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Windows 7 features such as the new taskbar so you can monitor Facebook activity and friends at a glance. Multitouch navigation and image gestures to navigate and view your photos.

give a try http://www.fishbowlclient.com

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Online File Converter

Have you ever encounter the problem to change the file format. Sometimes you need urgently change the format but you didn’t have the converter. There is an alternative for you to get your job done easily , www.zamzar.com is the online applications for you to change the file format. It easy,fast and save with four simple steps: Upload file>choose the format to convert > Enter your email address > convert file.

Try www.zamzar.com to convert files into format you needed.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Download McAfee Internet Security 2011

Are you looking the best Anti Virus and make your computer safer? There are many choices available in the market and everybody claim that they are the best .. but believe me.. that is only the marketing strategy to increase sales and get profit. I still remember my first time using computer I didn’t know how to use mouse , all my friends laugh at me. It was one of the embarrassing moment in my life but at the same time it motivated me to learning how to use computer.

Talking about Anti Virus, to make decisions and choose the base is not an easy task. Today trend is user will try first and gain confident before purchase product. Today I will recommend to you McAfee Internet security which one of the well known security software. McAfee Internet Security 2011 bring all your needs in one package including Anti-Viris,Anti-Spyware,Two-Way Firewall,Identity Protections,Anti-Spam ,Anti-Pishing and Parental Controls .

How you can try this McAfee Internet security 2011 for free for six months? It easy … create an account and activate the account which link will email to you and download the installations files with six months subscriptions. Just visit this page and follow the screen instructions.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Proton Inspira evolution for Proton waja.

Last week two salesmen from Proton come to my office and give flayers promoting their new model Proton Inspira. Most of review on the internet said Proton Inspira are more likely a Mitsubishi Lancer EX. The advantage of this Proton Inspira are it comes with paddle shift and advance auto-cruise features. Second advantage is Proton Inspira is a carbon copy of Mitsubishi Lancer EX . It also stated on their flyers that Proton Inspira will give two years servicing including labor and serviceable parts. Some bloggers said the launching on 10 novemver and i'm looking forward for it. 

price for our brand new Proton Inspira:
• 1.8 Manual (RM79,999)
• 1.8 CVT Auto (RM87,000)
• 2.0 CVT Auto Premium (RM94,000)

brand new Proton Inspira

Mitsubishi Lancer

I get motivated

How long had you been blogging and did you make money from your blog? I had starting blogging around 2007 until now it almost three years already. Talking about make money online, I just make a little bit and I still dreaming making first thousand online.

I had joined few online advertising services that paid you such as nuffnang and ChurpChurp. I also join the advertlets but already remove it from my blog because most of my friend said this company not going to pay. Google adsense is the main factor for me to start blogging but until now I still didn’t reach USD 100 .. still waiting for it. I already start to give up and leave everything after a year because I get nothing from google adsense. I had read few e-book and other success story from blogger on their google adsense income and it make me revive again. Since I had make few changers on my blog and optimize SEO , my google adsense start increase but still slow.

Today I get more motivated after reading tekkaus.com on his blogging income. Last month , October income tekkaus.com earned USD 361.37 (RM1115.55) while on September earning is USD 143.64. For me, it was a great achievement and I was dreaming of it. I hope one day I will make a great success on making money online.

tekkaus.com share his secret on google adsense earnings which inspired me. The key to success on google adsense is traffic. The more traffic you get, more money you get. If you are blogger and want to make money from google adsense , keep in mind to get more readers to wisit your blog. You can read more here .

Beside google adsense, as I mention earlier tekkaus.com also make money from nuffnang and ChurpChurp . He just receives cheque from ChurpChurp worth RM2236.19 and proof that this advertising company really paid so we don’t need to worry. Tekkaus also share his tips how to make money on nuffnang and again the key is traffic. The advertiser will select which blog they want the advertisement appear. In a simple words, we have to get more visitor wisit our blog and you will get paid. How to get more readers? The answer is your content. If you provide a valuable content or information , then you will get more readers who regularly come back to visit your blog and it will make your blog traffic increase. Blog income will grow significantly with your traffic.

Thanks again tekekaus.com for your motivated blog post and hope one day I can earn as you did.

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