Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ramli bin Sosor need your help

Today I visited roziejumat blog and found an important contain in her blog. She trying collect donation for Ramli bin Sosor , 14 years old. According roziejumat blog Ramli bin Sosor , was born 10 Disember 1994 and look normal but until now he still look like a baby and need more attention from his parent.

Roziejumat know this family on 2007 during joining the Pensiangan Parliament Member Datuk Bernard Maraat goin into ground to meet villagers in kampung Korobot. Ramli needs foods, medicines, supplementary and cloths. For those who want to submit their donation, you may contact Roziejumat at 016-8351291 or drop an email to mediap182@yahoo.com List of donators will be shown in her blog.


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