Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Visit Malaysia 2007 "Rasa Sayang", Someone Wanna Sued Malaysia

I had read from my friend blog, some of Indonesian minister want to take a court action on Malaysia because use Rasa Sayang as song theme Visit Malaysia 2007. They claim that Rasa Sayang is their songs and Malaysia need permission to use it. They also said that batik also from Indonesia and Malaysia "ciplak" in other words, Malaysia copy and come out with Malaysian version. I didn’t have idea to comment on this because i'm not sure who is wrong and who is in the right side. My friends idea is quite good, Roti Canai is from India, did Indian government sued Malaysia or other country because of that Roti Canai. The Chinese Lion Dance, did the China government sued Malaysia ? em… whatever I’m still proud to be a Malaysian. This is a screen shoot from Indonesian forum.

thanks to:fuiyoh


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