Monday, October 22, 2007

MyTeam 2 just wastes Money.

After watching the MyTeam 2 final match against Indonesia team, I was really said and upset. The way they play is horrible and didn’t have a good ball control. MyTean 2 was lost 0-2 to Indonesia. The first goal by Egi Melgiansyah 25 meers because of the mistake made by MyTeam defenders. The second goal should not be, this time the keeper had made a terrible mistake and no one MyTeam player cover the empty space in front goal. Risky Novtiansyah just made a simple heading for the second goal. If there is MyTeam 3, I was really hoped the future team will be better than MyTeam 2. My opinion, MyTeam 1 is better than MyTeam2 even they are lost to our Malaysian team but their game is nice. MyTeam 2 had wastes a lot of money going to oversea for a friendly match and training but at the end we lost!!!!


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