Monday, October 8, 2007

Proton Persona

The Malaysian concern,Proton Holding Berhad launched the last available model,Persona. We’ve heard that this model will be commercialized even on Europe market.Proton Persona comes to complete an almost complete game of models, like: Waja, Gen.2 and Savy.

The new car will have a gas propeller with 1.6 liter cylinders. This prove that it is a silent engine and very economic. New Proton is new version of Gen.2.Proton is the biggest automobile producer from Malaysia, exporting vehicle in Europe and Great Britain, too.

The price for Proton Persona car reach € 11,500, but for this price you can have all conditions and endowments. In Malaysia this model already has over 2,200 requests.I bet that it will be a real success in Europe, too. In Malaysia Proton Persona coast around RM44,999 (13 217.9163 U.S. dollars) to RM55,000 (16 155.59 U.S. dollars) per unit.

As malaysian i was really proud because Malaysia can produce a world class car even it might need a bit times to be well known such as Honda, Ferrari, Fiat and BMW. Proton must work even more harder to produce car with high quality. Good Luck PROTON.

* Are you malaysian? What is your car?



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