Thursday, October 11, 2007

Big Screen Problem – Who Responsible?

Who is responsible to switch on the big screen at Dataran Merdeka to view the first Malaysian astronaut going to space last night? I believe thus who came down to Dataran Merdeka was really upset because big screen didn’t on. Luckily they had watched the historical moment of Malaysia going to space by 14 inc TV. Just imagine if you are in their place? I 100% guarantee DBKL or other organization who suppose to turn on the big screen tv wills apologies for that mistake. It easy to say sorry but this kind of problem can be avoid such as turning on the big screen earlier. If there is something wrong DBKL can repair it or look for the new alternative using projector. This is a very special moment and why DBKL didn’t prepare well? Malaysians really hope this kind of silly mistake will NOT happened again in the future.


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