Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bursa Malaysia (bursa pursuit) online investment

My friend had told me there was a Bursa Malaysia (bursa pursuit) investment web. We can try our investment skill there with virtual money but users will use real time data. It was such an online game. The winner will have a chance to win RM500,000 worth of prizes. As we know investment is the best way to make money from our money but at the same time it very high risk. Before this I had learn to play forex and it very fun and interesting. I had learned so many new things. Honestly my skill in investment not very good but I’m happy to get a little profit compare than nothing or lost. I believe one day I will be successful but require me to learn more and more on investing.

Talking back about online investment with Bursa Malaysia, I already register in their web but it not easy to start investing; I didn’t know how to start it… need an advice from my friend and doing some research from the internet. I will make another post about bursa pursuit soon and make some tutorial how to start investing from first step to the end. If you already play this bursa pursuit, I really hope you can guide me on how to start my first investing. It really different what I had learned before and it’s a new thing to me. Thank You.


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