Sunday, July 22, 2007

SHOCKING PUNISHMENT: Cold, dirty penalty over sanitary pad

Wau!!!! I cannot believe it.. The warden decided to punish all the female students after no one owned up to leaving the used pad in the toilet bowl. Two hundred schoolgirls of a boarding school were forced to squat, neck-deep, in a murky pond after a used sanitary pad was found in a toilet bowl. The water in the pond is dirty as waste from the canteen flows straight into it. The girls were in the pond for an hour during heavy rain while the warden, who meted out the punishment, stood under an umbrella to supervise the punishment. This case is being investigated by the Education Ministry. The picture was taken by Jimmy Kiu at 5pm on Wednesday. I don’t think this kind of punishment is the best way to discipline the students maybe there is another way to teach them. Better order the students to clean up the toilet and doing some another charity work.



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