Sunday, July 1, 2007

War With Streamyx - Malaysia Only

Streamyx SucksStreamyx SucksStreamyx Sucks

This is a few banner i took from www.streamyxsucks.com. Free optional banner for your blog or web. Are you really have a problem with streamyx?,then i guess this is the best community you can join. This site created and sponsored By AhYap.com. This site want to assemble all user who are really HATE streamyx. After they have enough member, Anti-Stramyx will be launch. zouls.blogspot.com is one of the blog that i had found having a problem with streamyx. This blog is in Malay.

I had view AhYap.com and found that he had make an internet connection to Lost Angeles,New York and London. Here is the result:

Picture belows really put smile on my face :)


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