Friday, July 6, 2007

Pesta Babulang

Pesta Babulang, what is this? That is the first question come in to my mind. This is my first time hear this Pesta Babulang. I had found it on Friendstr Bulletin Board posted one of my Sarawakan friends. After finish read it, i'm trying to search more information about Pesta Babulang. There is a lot information i had found,i'm the only did not know it. I'm one of the person who are very lazy to read. Now i'm trying hard to change my bad attitude and wanna read more and more. Ops... im not trying to told about my bad attitude. :P but want to share this information to those who did know Pesta Babulang.

Pesta Babulang is a major Bisaya festival. Pesta Babulang also known as Buffalo racing. Buffalo racing or Pesta Babulang could become an annual feature in Sarawak's tourism itinerary. Early of this month, Pesta Babulang was celebrated in Kampung Batu Danau in Limbang. The fest was officially opened by the Sarawak Tourism Minister, Datuk Seri Abg Hj Abdul Rahman Zohari bin Abg Hj Openg.In his address, Abg Hj Abdul Rahman Zohari expressed his pleasure in seeing the Bisayas still holding on to - and practising - their cultural traditions.

According to the history this fest actually celebrated to clean the his/her name or after get tyranny. The buffalo will be slaughter and cook it for a meal to all guests. Now it has been changed, this fest now is time to share happiness to each other. This celebration was colored by traditional songs and dance and the most important is buffalo racing. I wish one day i have a chance to join this Babulong fest.


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