Friday, July 20, 2007

National Soccer Team

Em.. Asian Cup.. all asians are talking about it especially enthusiast football and even some of them who not like football are still talking. Talking about Malaysian team, their performance was really BAD! They had lose all their game (0-5) with China (1-5) with Uzbekistan and (0-2) with Iran. It was really terrible lose. We have to admit that our football still left behind. Late 70's, Malaysia is one of the powerful soccer team in Asia. Even Korea and Japan is not a problem for us. It had changed, now in 2007 and not late 70’s. Other country makes improvement but Malaysian football team is rolled back.

While Malaysia have been a disgrace, Vietnam surprised by rising to the occasion and qualifying for the quarter-finals, as Indonesia and Thailand lost out but only after impressive performances. Malaysia’s embarrassing performances have sparked a nationwide uproar, resulting in, thus far, deputy president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, as well as independent members Khairy Jamaluddin and Datuk Abdullah Hishan Hashim resigning from their posts. General secretary Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Saad has also said he is not seeking an extension to his contract when it expires in September. Before Malaysia come to the last game, the coach was fired.

Now the problem is why all this guys steep down from their posts. Are they want to run away being critic. They may say it not because of the worst performance but want to give a chance to the other lead the Malaysian Football Team. It just a bullshit dodge!!. They should work harder to bringing up the National Team to a better stage and at the same time clean up their name, not quit. This is a bad attitude of the top management, and then Malaysia never changes. You guys have to make CHANGERS…


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