Monday, July 30, 2007

I’m sorry, I didn’t believe it !!!

I had receive an email and also got the message at friendster. The title of the email or message is “Add your name please.” You can read the email contain below. My point here is, I do not believe this message because this email or message had been passes a long time ago but there is no articles discuss about this matter. Most of my friends had forward this email to me, but I didn’t write my name or forward this email. It up to you to believe it or not, but for me I DONT!.

Message: A pornographic movie is being shot &is intended to show up in
America soon, which shows Jesus & his disciples as homosexuals! The same way as a play that has been in the theater halls for a while. It's called " Corpus Christi" which means "The Body of Christ". It is a revolting joke of our Lord. BUt we can make a difference, that's why I'm sending this e-mail to all of you. Could you, please, add your name to this e-mail's list's end? If you do so,together we may be able to ban this movie from being shown in America. Apparently, some regions from Europe have banned the movie already. All we need is a lot of signatures! Remember, Jesus said: "That who deny Me before men, I will also deny Him before my Father which is in heaven." Please, do not simply forward. Please, select all text, copy this message (CTRL+C), paste (CTRL+V) in a new message & then add your name at the end of the list, plus send to all your contacts. When the signatures get to 500 names (who is list's 500),please send them to "omasg@softhome.net" & start it all over again..IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE MAKE IT!!! Thanks!


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