Monday, August 25, 2008

The New Millionaires -Gobala Krishnan

Millionaire, waw I love this words :). I believe everyone have a dream to be a millionaire, in this modern world, when you get money, then everything will be easier. Maybe some of you didn’t agree what I had said, but wake up this is the reality of our world today. Some of my friends said, those who rich will richer and those poor will more poor. Before going sleep at night, I usually thinking how can I earn money, because if I just hopeful with my salary, it NOT enough. Everyday life expenses will increase and increase, so there is no option for us, we need struggle to find another way source of income.

I still remember Donald Trumpt answer when a reporter ask him, “what will you do if you lose all your money?”. He answers “I will looking for MLM (multi level marketing)”. Almost all of the audience laugh at him, and with simple words he said “That why I was here and you are there”. Then I start thinking to be success we need a proper planning. How to setup our planning? You can learn it by your own self or learn from the experience who had succeed.

Speaking about The New Millionaires -Gobala Krishnan, he is one of the well known internet marketing in Malaysia. After read his book synopsis, I realize this is a great chance for me to start a steps to be one of the Internet Millionaire. Actually I also love blogging and had run few blog actively but I didn’t put attention to earn money from blogging.

One of the reasons why some internet marketer fails to reach their goal is, they didn’t put effort and attention of what are they doing. Only money and money comes into their mind, but did not look on their strategy. Doing homework like this will help us to track what is our main power and see thing need improvement.
Here is the synopsis of his book, do not forget to get if from bookstore near to you.

Book Synopsis

The New Millionaires by Gobala Krishnan reveals why an increasing number of Malaysians prefer to work from home, make money online and live like millionaires. This book explains the difference between how wealth is made in the 20th century (Old Millionaires), and how technology has enabled a radically new breed of future millionaires (New Millionaires) who lead the new patch to richest in the new millennium.
Among other things, the book explains in details the concepts of online niche marketing residual income, Internet business automation, working from home, and blogging. It also features interviews with successful local Internet entrepreneurs in Malaysia and examples from Gobala’s own Internet businesses.

Book Information
• Author: Gobala Krishnan
• Publisher: True Wealth Publishing
• First Issue: August 2008
• ISBN: 978-983-3364-61-9
• Keywords: Internet marketing, electronic commerce

There will no changers if you only read this book and no action taken, it useless . Try to extract idea while or after reading this book. There is so many thing you can do and become The New Millionaires. www.internetmillionaires.com.my for more info


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