Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New AVG FREE 8 Slow

avg 8
Here’s a memory usage comparison between AVG 8 and AVG 7.5.


avgamsvr.exe (AVG Alert Manager) 368K
avgupsvc.exe (AVG Update Service) 496K
avgemc.exe (AVG E-Mail Scanner) 1040K
avgcc.exe (AVG Control Center) 300K
Total Memory Usage: 2204K (2.2MB)

avgtray.exe (AVG Tray Monitor) 6116K
avgemc.exe (AVG E-Mail Scanner) 460K
avgwdsvc.exe (AVG Watchdog Service) 1204K
avgrsx.exe (AVG Resident Shield Service) 30464K
Total Memory Usage: 38244K (38MB)

You can see the different of memory usage. So it’s up to you which one is better, AVG FREE 7.5 or AVG FREE 8. Here is the important thing you need to know, AVG Team (Michael) had announce in AVG forum, support for AVG 7.5 Free Edition is planned to end on 31st August 2008. There will no virus update after that date. Raymond had suggest Avira AntiVir Personal 8 anti virus if you have a problem using AVG FREE 8.


Anonymous said...

Seriously dude, AVG 7.5 was way much better than 8.0. In fact, when I bought my new PC in 2005, I chose AVG since it was the only antivirus with the least memory usage. Looking at AVG 8.0 now, it seems its trying to compete with NORTON in memory hogging. Any links or posts on how to tweak these issues out especially with the extreme memory consumption of avgrsx.exe??

kaitor said...

read http://kaitorword.blogspot.com/2008/09/avgrsxexe-is-resident-shield-component.html.

i hope this post will answer your question. :)

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