Sunday, March 25, 2007

First time watch AF5 concert :P

:) Today I’m lucky because this is my first time watch AF5 concert live from TV. Ehehe.. student ma… didn’t have Astro in my hostel. Opppppppps… I’m not going to talk about my hard life as a student.. wanna give some comment about the AF 2nd concert. Do not worry , I’m trying to jot shortest as possible. I know most of you guys don’t want to read a long text as I’m :D To be hones, this new session of AF is batter than the past especially AF1 and AF4. All AF5’s student can sing and dance well. I have to agree what the host said (Aznil) “AF are different, we are looking for a talent student and help them to push up their talent to be a brighten STAR. All our students come from different background. All the teachers work hard to guide them.” He also said “Thanks Astro, I just know there is a place called Tambunan”. Wish all the AF5 students good luck especially “sabahans”.


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