Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Make money with your iPhone- Mobile Monopoly

Hi guys , now this is another series post about iPhone after making two post, The secret code for Blackberry and unlock or crack your iPhone and iPad. Both posts will help you getting more advance with your cool gadgets. After few years using internet, now I starts to realize the power of internet and almost every single things around us going online.

In early development computer are very big and become small and smaller each day. Our technology growing very fast and latest technology is iPhone. Every one of us dreaming of it and for those have I phone, they will fell very cool with latest technology. iPhone is a device combined the telephone and internet surfing with exclusive touch screen interface. iPhone is very small and can bring to anywhere any time, just put in your pocket. iPhone will help us to make thing easier beside providing cool entertainment and games. Most of us said iPhone is coll and make thing easier but did you realize this little powerful gadget can generate money for you?

Did you Know ?
There are currently 1.8 billion internet users
Five billion people have cell phones
51 Million of them have smart phone such as iPhone

How many millionaires from the 1.8 billion internet user? How about 5 billion people have cell phone? Em.. that is very big market opportunity.. did you realized that? And the best thing is people haven’t figured out mobile marketing yet.

There are eleven steps you must learn step by step to understand how you can make money from iPhone. Y ou might invest a little, just $77 to purchase the book included video which will guide you and help you to understand more to get the best result.


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