Wednesday, July 14, 2010

advantage and disadvantage hosted autoresponder

Most of blogger especially internet marketer usually use autoresponder to get in touch with their potential customer. Autoresponer is an email marketing programs which will automatically send an email to the list of email address. Main problem is either I want to host my autoresponer or email marketing programs in my hosting or go for the paid services.

There are reason of every decision I make, first and for most a question of economy. Host aoutoresponder in your own hosting won’t coast you anything extra and you have a full control to your email marketing programs when come to adding leads and whatever you want it to be.

Problem when hosting autoresponder in your own hosting.
1.Spaming – some email service provider will reject or put your email under spam category. It easy too proof you not a spamer if using Aweber.

2.Export your leads – you cannot export your leads into Aweber. or most of the professional autoresponder because they want to prevent cheating.

3.Dedicated server – If you wish to host your auto responder in your own server, then highly recommended to use dedicated server. There will probably be some sort of limit how many leads you can have.

Kaitor said: I was thinking to host my aoutresponder in my own hosting at first but after doing some research i might batter choose the autoresponder service provider and the coast still very cheap just $ 19/ Months. 

You may have a Aweber auto responder here .

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