Friday, April 23, 2010

My Dream Destination.

Traveling is a big dream for those who never have a chance traveling especially going overseas as me. Main question across my head is where should I go if have a chance traveling overseas for one in my life? There are many places I was jot down on my note pad and try to figure out what are the special things for each places and why I must choose it. Thousands reason need to consider before make a final choice.

Make decision is not an easy task because it just only ONE chance and must really careful. Enjoy, have fun, get new experiences and new knowledge is my objective for this golden opportunity and here it go….. My Dream Destination…. Vietnam. The main reason I choose Vietnam is, I heard a rumor Sabahan (Kadazan Dusun) are from Vietnam. I will try to make some research because the Dusun language almost same to local language in Vietnam. Is the culture same in Sabah? It just a rumor and to proof it right or not … research need to be done. …. MAStraveller.com please fly me to My Dream Destination. :)

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