Friday, June 11, 2010

Four cool DOS Command

"Life is not easy as we are dreaming off, maybe some of us very lucky just sitting and enjoy the time but most of us working hard for survival. Whatever our life situation it always changes and it depend on us how we are going our life to be… excellent or failure… it in our hand." …. Iter

Here are four cool DOS Command which very useful for you.

Command #1: By typing in "tree" into Dos, you can view all of the folders (not files) on the computer. This command very useful if you didn’t remember where the folder was saved ,faster than search function.

Command #2: By typing in "ipconfig" you can view your default gateway ip adress for your router.

For advance you can try to use this command “ipconfig/all”. This command will display details of your internet Protocol configuration.

Command #3: By typing in 'format c:' you can delete all the information on your hard drive. Do not try it on your working machine… unless you wanna reformat your machine. :)

Command #4: By typing in "netstat" or "nbtstat" (both similar) you can view the TCP/IP network of your computer.

Advance : "netstat –an" : display all connection and listening port , display address and port numbers in numerical form.

"netstat –help" for more command


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