Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Download Facebook Photo Album

I believe all of us who online every day have at lease one facebook account. Facebook become popular because of the application on it beside can share your status,share pictures and find your long lost friend or new friends.

There are many advantage in facebook and one of it is picture sharing. Pictures is very valuable because it keep our memory last forever. I was wondering how can i save the photo album in Facebook because it will take time if save the pictures one by one. Thabks to uncle Google, most of my question he manage to give the correct answer.

FacePAD, better known as the Facebook Photo Album Downloader will allow you to download your friends’ facebook albums, events albums, and group Albums, en masse, with the click of a button.

Download the FacePAD add-ons for firefox and follow instructions ...

How to download the picture album? It just a click, right muse click on the link of photo album you want to download and select "Download Album with FacePAD". Downloading will start automaticly, just wait until the downloading process complete.
congratulations.. you just download the photo album from facebok and save it as your copy and let the pictures remind us our memorable moment.


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