Friday, March 19, 2010

Download Adobe Photoshop Portable CS4 (Full)

Photoshop is the most well known as picture editor and professional photographer use this software to edit their picture. There are many version of Photoshop and yet it still has same functions. Adobe Photoshop cs4 is one of it, but some of you may agree with me, this software are heavy and sometimes cannot run or your computer may hang. Adobe Photoshop cs4 have portable versions which much more light 68.12 MB only and no installation needed.

How to use this Adobe Photoshop Portable cs4:

1.Download Download Adobe Photoshop Portable CS4 (Full)
2.Extract file into your hard drive C:\Program Files\Adobe
3.Click Photoshop exe. (you can create shortcut into your desktop)
4.Photoshop is ready to use.

This tutorial might will give you an idea ...good luck


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