Friday, February 12, 2010

Very easy to access blocked website

Many company and schools block top social website such as Facebook, Friendster and YouTube as well. Sometime we fill upset and not satisfy if our favorite website was blocked by company and schools. Internet is interesting and there always a way to bypass the firewall which block the website.

First we need to know what DNS (Domain Name System) which change the words to numerical, for example www.facebook.com is equal to In theory all the URL is in numerical, but it easy to remember the name rather than the a long number or IP (Internet Protocol). Whenever you try open www.facebook.com but wit was blocked, try to use number address.

Theory, address used to find the destination not using name (eg www.google.com ) but using IP address. It can be explain in the OSI layer. During the encapsulation segment there an addition in the layer network which is IP address. This IP address will determine the destination and host. Process of finding an IP address are done in upper layer, Application which DNS will send a query to access DNS server asking which destination of IP Address. After get the IP address, all information will add in network layer to every segment which arrives from transport layer.

 * You have to find another path to access the block website by using alternative  DNS and proxy

How are you going to check the IP? , just open command prompt and ping www.facebook.com you will know the IP.

Start  >Run > cmd

If above method didn’t work, you can try to use secure page by adding “s” in the address. Example https://facebook.com

Another way is using Animous Proxy and URL below might usefull for you.

I all solution above didn't work, you can use an application such as UltraSurf. Download , install and use setting as below.
* click options
*select Proxy Settings
*Select Directly use UltraSurf.

Below are few result using this UltraSurf proxy tools.
+ i can open facebook even it was blocked my company.

+ can open fantasy premierleague web from my office.

This tutorial might not professional for those who expert in network but might useful for those who just learn to understand the IP and Network. Enjoy to surf your website even it was block by your company/ school.


cicak said...

Nice tut boss. Will try it

Nathan Lyon said...

You can now access Facebook at your school , college and offices with Hotspot Shield VPN. It allows you to browse your favorite social network in privacy away from the eyes of the network administrator or your ISP.

wannazhif said...

Thanks dude ! you help me a lot !

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