Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hack Yahoo Messenger

Have you ever been thinking become hacker? There are millions answers for that question. Whatever your answers is, hacking is fun and if you achieve your goal that is the greatest moment. Hackers wanna be always search new thing from the internet and some of them buy books. Internet is interesting and believe me if you fully utilize it, everything is free. Here are tools to hack yahoo for Free and use it on a right way.

There few tolls can be used to hack yahoo and the best thing this tolls is portable. Friendly reminder, please read readme.txt before used the tools. This tolls is shared from Indonesian blog hackcenter

================ Yahoo Hacking Tools ============
1. Emo Creator
Tools to use create Icon.

2. Fake Pager
Fake Yahoo Messenger. Tools used to steal username and password.

3. Magic Password
Trojan used to steal password.

4. Yahoo Booter.
Tools to boot for yahoo.

5. Yahoo Fake Cam
Fake yahoo cam , can be used to attack other YM

6. Yahoo Fake Login
Yahoo fake login (2008), directly send password to your email.

7. Yahoo Pass Stealler
Trojan Builder for steal password

8. Yahoo Hack
Fake Yahoo Messenger

9. Yahoo Pass Crack
Crack Password Yahoo

10. Yahoo Password Recovery
Used to recovery Password and Username.

Download Hack Yahoo Messenger Tolls
Password : hackcenter.wordpress.com


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how to use those application?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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jasmine said...

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