Sunday, November 15, 2009

Make Money From Facebook

Rahsia Pemasaran Facebook Launching br Tun Dr Mahadir

Facebook is number one social website and have more 250 million active members. Lets straight to the point… there are a big opturinity to make money. There are two way you can make money from FabcBook either you create applications or create your own product such as game of virtual gift.

I was really lucky got a chance to meet the author of Rahsia Pemasaran Facebook,Nasrul Amri Samsudin. We had talking a lot about how FaceBook can generate income with minimum coast. Will update you guys soon how Facebook help you to generate income for you either you are publisher or advertiser… both side promise a great income.

Below is a few links that I read how to make money from Facebook .

1.http://www.rahsiapemasaranfacebook.com/ (Malaysian - Nasrul Amri Samsudin)
2.http://www.squidoo.com/makemoneywithfacebook (Hooman Noori)
3.http://www.facebookcashflow.com (London -Kevin Taylor)

Nasrul Amri Samsudin giving talk at training center - Kota Kinabalu

will share with you guys a great tips on how to make money from FaceBook. Now I’m thinking to create a simple application for FaceBook.


nasrul said...

thanks for the review. nice to meet u as well!

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