Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Translate other language website into your langage or english

When you surf internet, sometime you will find the website in other language and you really didn’t know even a single word. Do not worry, it not a big problem we can use translator services. Translation process is less than thirty minutes and even faster than human.

Now days, translating are very easy, it need only two steps:

1. Copy original URL
2. Open webpage offer translation page, paste and click.

What is the URL of webpage who offer translation page?
=My answer is simple, go and ask uncle google at www.google.com. While writing this tutorial , I use “translate web page” as my keywords.

Currently I use two website to translate webpage. The first one is “Free Automatic Translators - Machine Translations ,Comparison Tests - Text - Documents - Web Sites” and another one is “searchenginez.com/translate_websites.html”, both URL as listed below:

1.Free Automatic Translators - Machine Translations , Comparison Tests - Text - Documents - Web Sites : http://www.humanitas-international.org/newstran/more-trans.htm
2.searchenginez.com/translate_websites : http://searchenginez.com/translate_websites.html

After open the web translation page, paste the web URL which you want to translate and select language before click the translate button. Below are some of the screen shot of the web that had been translate from Chinese to English.

Translation webpage

Chinese webpage

After translations - English

Kaitor Said: Hope this posting will give you new and useful information. Put in mind, this services cannot 100% translate but it enough for you to understand the information in the web site.


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