Friday, October 30, 2009

Kaitor activity on 31 October 2009.

friday... wah it week end, time for us to start planing what would we do for weekend, its time to put all our jot at the side and looking for healthy activity .

Tomorrow is end of the months and guess what is the special things would happen? Its Sabahan Bloggers Gathering. Yeza it’s the time for bloggers to get together and share their experience, story while enjoying great performance from local arties. Sabahan Bloggers gathering will serve you the best food and entertainment in a very prestigious place, Imperial International Hotel.

Sabahan Blogger Gathering offer great prizes for those who manage to attend this gathering via lucky draw. The prizes listed as below.

1.50 Vouchers of FREE family/customer portrait shots : sponsored by - Mr. Gerry Kong
2.The Canon PowerShot S1100 : sponsored by Canon
3.31st October, The Body Shop's Member's day. : sponsored by The Body Shop
See you there sabahan bloggers. Ops… if you are not sabahan and would like to join this gathering, we are welcome you to join this Halloween party.

Ohoowhhh almost forgot, I will be at BSN-KK Mini Karnival from morning to afternoon. If you are passing by the BSN building , please spend few minutes to look around what would happening at BSN-KK Mini Karnival.


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