Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Watch football match reduce my stress

Last night I had gone watched football match between sabah and Terangganu T-Team. I was excited to watch this match, already wear read cloth to show my support Sabah team. Talking about the match, at the beginning it’s very boring and the entire spectator shouting including me as well.. “wei.. pasing”.. “siapa bah juru latih kamu ni”.. “rugi saya beli ticket” that what I still remember. If you have a stress, then spend you time to watch football match, and let your stress gone by shouting and laughing… no one care what are you saying. Sabah was lost 1-2 but, still satisfy because I was fell very fresh after shouting comment the players and raffle. My recommendation, spend your time to enjoy and let your stress gone.. have a happy life.

pic taken using w660i

ticket.. no very expensive.. just seven ringgit


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