Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Delete autorun.inf and prevent it come back again.

I had encounter with this problem many times, and what I do is only remove it. My Pc will OK for a while then soon it wills appear again. Then I have to remove it again.

Here is another trick how to prevent autorun.inf installed again in your machine after remove it.

Step 1:
Start → Run → cmd

Step 2:
unhide the autorun.inf
attrib -s -h -r C:\autorun.inf

Step 3:
delete the file
del C:\autorun.inf

Step 4:
create a folder with the same name so that it cannot reinstall itself
mkdir c:\autorun.inf

*The virus think that it have already infected your PC because a folder with the same name as autorun.inf exist. So your PC will be immune.

If your have USB pen drive at E drive, do the same thing.
attrib -s -h -r e:\autorun.inf
del e:\autorun.inf
mkdir e:\autorun.inf

*Your USB pen drive will have one autorun.inf folder. Do not worry because it not effect your space, it jus empty folder.


cicak said...

buss, nice info.

tapi tu virus inda buli baca sama ada 'autorun.inf' tu folder atau file ka?

buli ka kalau kita create satu file autorun.inf (pakai notepad -> save as -> autorun.inf) lepas tu letak dalam hard drive / pendrive, lepas tu set dia jadi 'read only'. supaya virus inda buli write masuk p dalam.

buli kaitu ah?

kaitor said...

Hi cicak... sorry for a late reply...

kalau ko create sary file dengan nama autorun.inf, effect dia sama jak macam tu virus. actually kalau ko tukar tu .inf kepada .txt, file tu kosong ja.

attrib -r tu , kita kasi clear tu "read only".

Kesimpulan dia, tidak boleh create file, mesti folder juga. Virus ini hanya akan detect pada nama saja. Kalau ada nama yg ang sama, maka tu virus x akan write any file lagi dalam pc kita.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ya

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