Thursday, March 5, 2009

For bloggers ...

It was a long time for me didn’t post anything in this blog. For your information, KaitorWord was my first ever blog and I really love it. I had spend two days to find the blog name and what should I do with this blog. Before migrate to Blogspot, I was using Wordpress as my blog engine. Since I just using the free hosting, a lot of features from Wordpress that I cannot used, that why I’m with Blogspot.

I had blog around two years and my first post was on February 2007. My first focus for blogging is earn Money from google adsense. I was inspired a few of bloggers who can make money from their blog. Looking back in this previous two years, I haven’t learn too much but I still manage to get little bit, good than nothing. It was not easy to earn “super” income if you didn’t put your money for investment. When you run business you need the capital and modal, that is the rules of business. But… But.. it doesn’t meant you cannot make money if got zero modal, we still can make money but it need our extra effort.

There are many things I learn from blogging, beside share my own experience, I got more information and extra knowledge in my field of interest. The best thing I was really proud is I mamage to understand WEB 2.0 platform and can make some modification on the blogger template. Soon I really wish to produce my own template for blogger.

From all over the information I read, contain of the blog is the main key of the blog successful. If your information interesting, then more and more reader will come to your blog and it will increase your blog traffic. So keep the best effort to provide interesting and useful information in your blog.

Good luck all….


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