Sunday, July 13, 2008

Result for Jackbook.com contest

I believe many of bloggers had heard about contest run by the blog owner. One of the blog that I always visit is jackbook.com also run a contest on his blog. Honestly, I am one of his blog readers and I had learned a so many things from his blog. For the first time I found this blog, I just want to find a beautiful template for blogspot. I had gone to many blog but most of template in jackbook.com is cool, beautiful, clean and on the top of it is the template is look professional. Jackbook.com also provides a tutorial how to customize blogspot. That is the best things I love in jackbook.com.

Beside tutorial, jackbook give his blog reader a great information how you can earn income from your blog. If you think oneline or blogging is not your primary income, but let’s think again. You will pay for electricity and internet connection. So why not you start to learn some thing that can generate income and surf the internets free. Did you get what is I am trying to say? Ok let make it simple, you make a post in your blog and share information to your readers and the same time you get paid for the adsense or advertising. You can use that money to pay your electric and internet bill. No need to take money from your bank account to pay that bill. : ) But we must remember, it not easy to generate a huge income from the internet. We have to learn a lot of things and sometimes need a little coast. There are many blog or web will provide you the information how to generate income from your blog , jackbook.com too. It’s free. :)

Ok lets back to the contest run by jackbook.com and his friend romeuy.com. I had watch close this contest and finally jackbook.com had announce the winners. I was interested to know the result and how they run the contest. The main question come into my mind is what the return of investments (ROI) of this contest. As I expected, this contest will increase the traffic and pagerank as well. I believe you know what is the important of this pagerank in your future. This is the one of the best way to increase your pagerank. Just imagine what would happen if ten blogs with five pagerank make post about your blog? Of course your blog pagerank also boost up.

Here is the top three winner of the contest by jackbook.com.

1.Kombor - http://kombor.com - 138 points
won: $50 hard cash + 10,000 EntreCard Credits

2.Kendhin - http://www.kendhin.com/ - 101 points
won: 1 month 125×125 Banner ad on Jackbook.com (On the sidebar) value $50 + 5,000 EntreCard Credits

3.Sheilla May Baes - http://www.pwengbee.com/ - 100 points
won: 5,000 EntreCard Credits

More info on http://jackbook.com


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