Saturday, July 26, 2008

free blog hosting for sabahan BAH!

free blog hosting for sabahan bah!Now day’s blogging fever grown very fast. We can see there are many free blog providers. There are many type of blogger, talking about their personal life, activity, how to earn money, how to use a camera, cook, government and many more even some of the blog also share a sex tips. That means blog is a way for internet user share their idea or information. Blog sometime will represent the personality of the owner blog.

I didn’t know either you already have a blog or not? If you didn’t have any blog, why don’t you join the sabahanblog. You can create your blog here with no coast, even a cent is free. Just register by submitting your username, email and security question. Remember your user name will be a part of your domain.

After you finish with the registration, an email will send to your email account. Use that information to activate your blog. Inside the main page you can start to choose your template and start posting. You can view your blog by click the view site. Use the presentation link if you wish to change the template. There are many templates that had been already installed just choose one of them.

Finish with template selection, now we are coming into very important part, how to start make post. Actually it no difficult to make a post, just click the write link and you can start do posting. Here is the final steps to make your first posts just click the publish button. Refresh your blog page, congratulations you have made it.


kaitor said...

:D yes.. this my first comment using post comment form under post.

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