Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Happy Moment...

Yeza… :) I just got my happy simpack. I believe many of us already know what the advantage of this happy simpack. I wrote this post for thus who didn’t have a Happy simpack. I wanna share my first experience using Happy simpack.

Just imagine you can make a call 45 minutes with only RM 0.99 to any number in Malaysia. Sms also is low, only RM 0.10 to any number. One more thing special with this Happy simpack is, the airtime is two months. It’s really great right?. The main purpose I buy this Happy simpack is I wanna call my mum and family members. I can talk loner in the phone with a minimum cost, less than one ringgit.

Here is some of the info might can help you to understand what is Happy simpack.

• What are the specialties of happy that make people crazed over it?
Here is the most interesting part of happy. The call rate of happy is as follow:
For every 10 seconds, a user will be charged for RM 0.10. That means 1 minute will be equivalent to RM 0.60. When it reaches 1 minute and 39 seconds, RM 0.99 will be charged. Wait, you can talk up to 45 minutes for only RM 0.99! Yes, no hidden charge or whatever!
After 45 minutes limit time is reached, the call will be cut off. No worry, call back and follow the above procedures, you can talk again and again for RM 0.99 for another 45 minutes call until your credit is all used up!

• I understand that happy is a subtelco of Digi, is the RM 0.99 charge rate only applies to calls made to Digi network?
No, absolutely no! You can make any call to anywhere as long it is within Malaysia. That means, to any network provider or any fixed lines at only RM 0.99 for 45 minutes!
However, there are exceptions for certain numbers. For example, no. that begins with 1300 or 1800 will be charged at RM 1 per minute and for phonebook directory 103 will be charged at RM 2 per minute! Please take note that happy can't make out call to 100.

Source.. lowyat.net read more on lowyat.net


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