Monday, May 23, 2011

Petrol in Malaysia is Very Expensive

Petrol price : RM 2.90
Production rank : 27 

Petrol price : RM 0.75
Production rank : 22 

Petrol price : RM1.00
Production rank : 28

Egypt @ Mesir
Petrol price : RM 1.06
Production rank : 29

Petrol price : RM 0.35
Production rank : 8

If we are looking from the production ranking, Malaysia (rank 27) in a same group with Eygip (rank 29), Oman (rank 28) and Qatar (rank 22) . Look on the different price petrol in Malayisa compare with the others country which is higher 2 times. We always heard that government paid subsidy for us but what is the main factor that our petrol price are the highest among the rank 20s country who produce or export oil.  Oil price in Malaysia are expected going high just after the Malaysian general election. It will effect the economic and increase infliction.   


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