Tuesday, January 26, 2010

what new in kaitorword 2010

Now we are at the end of January and the heat of Chinese New Year already started. I been blogging around one year plus and i had learn a lot of thing. I really enjoy write blog and i have start a new habit , is reading... it help me to improve my english. Beside learning english, i do learn about CSS,XML and HTML which is really interesting. I had put google adsense in my blog post and between post. Inside this blog there is a widget for onternet radio,sabahan.fm which will play a lot of sabahan songs. Doing some experiment by putting an top 5 links to track backlink to my blog. AJX google search is useful tools to search article on my blog. Result search will be at the bottom of search box... try it.

Main menu navigation at the top of the blog will be used to get my reader visit another page such as my facebook account. Another interesting is "Continue Reading" links which make my blog nice look and tidy.

*i will try to put related post in my blog soon... :)

* in  future i will try focus to internet tips and tools and review things happend around me and maybe some tips making money from internet.

*Happy new year , happy chinese new year


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