Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sg.Moroli,Luanti Baru (Tagal)

Have you ever heard "Fish Teraphy" , if you have heard it before, it might be expensive.  Now sabah had thier own  "Fish Teraphy" and it really different from the other, it inside the river. I believe it must be exciting when you going down into river and thousand of fish come to you.  There two type of package offer by Sg.Moroli,Luanti Baru (Tagal) , feet Fish Teraphy and body Fish eraphy. The most important thing is you will nevr get this experience in other place and cost is realy-realy cheap jus as low Ringgit Malaysia 3.00 . Below is the pictures during my visit to Sg.Moroli,Luanti Baru (Tagal) and Mr Jeffrin Majangki (Manager) give us  briefing.

For more Details , you may contact this number: 088-876988 (office)


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