Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'Meter' by Benji & Bahir - English Subtitles - 15Malaysia

"Visit http://www.15malaysia.com to watch more videos like this. 15Malaysia consists of 15 short films about Malaysia featuring some of the best known faces in the country including entertainers and politicians."

I had visited youtube site and there are many comments about this video. Some of is are:


hahaha....i hate kj because hes umno..but hes cool in this...haha...but anyhw the message here is abt malaysia..our goverment,,,soooo sucks!!!!...btw i like the mandarin speaking guy...ni chiang hua yu..ni bu shi malai ren...wakakaka


1. I guess he was just criticizing the awfulness of our national football team & the amount of politics inside FAM
3. He is part of BN, where alot of members of PKR jumped to. He is part of the 'lompat scheme'
4. Brandishing the keris is what a few of our politicians have been doing. The point is that for us rakyat, the keris is just a symbol, regardless of race, it can be a beautiful thing. The way 'MALAYSIA' is written on it means that keris doesn't represent only a single race, but all rakyat

Kaitor Said: i will never forgot this "today you want to eat wind or wash eye?" ahahhaha.. really funny ~~~


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