Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Download torrent file with Image Shack up to 500 kb/s

Download movie, music, anime, software and etc are one of my hobbies. Who did not happy if you can get latest movie for free? This fast few years we all know that largest internet provider in Malaysia, streamyx had shaping or limitting the speed of torrent.

BUT if streamyx shaping or limitting the torrent speed, that is not mean it end of the world, we still can used torrent but with a limited speed. As long can download and it should be okay. However there is solution for this by using port forwarding and purchase Virtual Privet Network (VPN). Streamyx installed a device, it’s to limit any torrent traffic [or torrent throttling] to outside Malaysia, if your torrent got any Malaysian [or local] peers, you can download with better speed.

Image shake now offer free services for you to download torrent file up to 500 kb/s speed. For Malaysian user, Image shake will download the torrent file to their server first. After finish download into image shake server, we can use any download tools to download the files into our hard drive. As usual, free user will have a limitation, 5.0 GB disk space, 10.0 GB bandwidths. Get your Image Shake today and enjoy downloads.

          download page shall be look like this


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