Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BBKK T-shirt now in Japan

As usual, when I got nothing to do, I will spend my time to surf internet. One of my favorite things to do during surfing internet is reading blog. I had a long list blog to read and most of them are “sabahan blog” (blog manage by sabahan), online business, seo, marketing, photoshop tutorial and many more.

I just want to share with my reader about one blog I read. This blog is "Kongsikahan id’ koposion", URL is http://liidan.blogspot.com/. The author for this blog is Nika. This blog use a default and simple blogspot template. I didn’t want to talk about the layout of this blog because she just starting on October 2008. My main point here is, the power of bloging and social networking. I had read Alvin and Andy blog, this two guys start to produce “buli ba kalau kau” t-shirt. Because of their blog this product already comes to Niigata Japan. I hope more and more sabahan will success in the future, think bigger and you will get biggest. You may browse to her blog and read her interesting post. Here is quote of her profile:

Proud to be Dusun ethnic living in the northern part of Borneo Island. Trying hard to keep the Dusun spirit alive and recognized by the universe. Currently in Niigata Japan.

Kaitor said:
I also proud to be Dusun bah… ehehhe.. do not think I cannot speak Dusun… koilo oku moti mimboros dot dusun. Hilo nopo walai, mimboros moti yahai dusun. Aharap oku dah dot awu atanus iti boros tokow. Maan tokow noh koti suhuoh tanganak daton dot misingilo boros dusun on kadazan.


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