Friday, October 24, 2008

Use Ubuntu live CD Bbackup your data from Windows

I am windows user, but when come to the edge of point, windows corrupted I will use Ubuntu live cd to backup my data. Ubuntu Live cd really great and easy to use, it just same as windows. Maybe many user out there said Ubuntu is difficult, but believe me it easy as windows, no need command line, everything GUI (graphical user interface). Just try Ubuntu and you will know how easy it is.

Boot Ubuntu Live Cd into your Disc drive, and you will saw the screen as image below.

Select option "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer". Wait for the system to start. After the system start, just go to Places (at the top of your screen) and choose computer from the menu.

This should show you all the drives available in the system, including your Windows drive.

Find the files you want to backup, just click the icon (same as windows). Now its the time to copy your data to external drive such as external hard drive or pen drive. Just plugin the usb abd it will be automatically detect your drive. Copy and paste. Done.

Now you can reformat your local drive and install windows. Download Ubuntu Live CD


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